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ah... good to know I've still got it


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After a breakup a few months ago, I dated like crazy but realized I wasn't really ready for it so I stopped altogether.


Now that the ex has moved, I can go back to our old haunt. And the first night back I was talking to a guy but found out he was married. He was my age, pretty much my type. A younger guy moved in to talk to the married guy. And me. And he was beautiful. One of the best looking guys that's ever flirted with me. I found myself flirting back. It was blatant and goofy and I have no idea why I did it. The boy's about 12 years younger than me (at least) . But shoot, I'll ride it til the wheels fall off. This kind of ego boost you can't buy at the store.


The downer is that if I was going to get hurt by someone, sure wish it had been the boy instead of my ex. At least that might have been worth it. he he

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