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My ex girlfriend (whom I'm still in love with very much) overdosed on laxatives last night. She's been taking them a lot (she has a history of anorexia and bulemia) and last night she took a ton. Does anyone know anything about laxatives?

Also, her parents took her to Children's hospital last night, but she talked her way out of staying. What kind of people would not keep her, she's very skinny and I'm so worried.

I don't know what to do. The only reason we're not together is because I'm going into residential treatment pretty soon.

I just want her to be healthy, I don't know what to do.

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I went through a bad spell of anorexia when I was younger and will suffer with it for the rest of my life. Unfortunately in most cases it can be helped, but it cannot really be "cured."


My first boyfriend is the one who I owe everything to. He saved my life. He was the only one who saw through my excuses and realized what I was going through.


He would constantly tell me how beautiful I was. He would just hold me for hours and say I was perfect and I could tell in his eyes I was. He saw me getting skinnier and skinnier and I was losing control, and he went to my mother about it. I hated him for it but I realized why it had to be done. They sat me down and had a conversation with me and brought it to my attention because I was in denial. He would make me eat small meals before we would go out and he would cook for me so I would feel guilty if I didn't eat it.


I ended up in the hospital but there was nothing anyone could do to avoid that. But he showed me I was perfect in someone's eyes and that I did have a problem which was more than anyone could do for me ever.


The rest is up to the person who is suffering. I'm sorry that she is going through this because it will cause both of you pain. However there is little you can do to help her, except tell her how wonderful she is and try to boost her self esteem.


Good luck..

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