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It always hurts at night..


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It always hurts at night and especially I'm having my preliminary exams tomorrow.I'm trying to forget about it.But I can't do it especially at night.Why is this so?I always tell myself that its over.But every night I dream of him and when I wake up every morning to school,he's the first on my mind.

It's so hard to get rid of this pain.It's driving me crazy.The pain keeps calling.I really need to do well for my preliminary exams.I visit this website everyday,and I'm glad I'm not alone feeling all these pain.Any suggestions anyone?

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It took me 34 years to find the one I love, but her circumstances dictate we cannot be together no matter how much I'm prepared to sacrifice and have sacrificed to be with her its not enough, shes not strong enough so I shes had to let me go for her own sake. It hurts like hell but we must try to move on to something else that will be different. My best friend has gone, the one person I want to tell things to first and I cant anymore. Talk it out on here, it helps, it shows you you are not alone and it will give you the strength you need to get through this.

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do NC! and yes I know about the dreams it sucks... you need to tell yourself that its HIS loss.




you need to be with FRIENDS FRIENDS FRIENDS


when i was the dumpee b4 i slept i got my mum to massage me which helped me fall asleep at night without thinking about it too much...


good luck!

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Why is this at night? --> just because you get more sensitive to things.

Sunset --> Night --> Dark --> light --> wine --> i know it should be the romantic moment of the ending day and its not. Its the hell.

Even when you wake up its bad because you come from a peaceful sleep to the reallity.

Sometimes you wish you didn't wake up.

But every day it will be better thats for sure.

A person is not made with the destiny of one other person.

No there are so many.

But you only have to find them.

I wish you alot of strengt

Greetz (youre not alone)

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He broke up with me twice.Last year when he broke up with me,he wanted things to be back a week later.But this time it has been weeks.so I guess it's over.He said he's tired of all the fights.I broke NC on msn but he spoke to me in a rather harsh tone.He broke up with me the day before my preliminary exams.A part of me can't forgive him for that.I can't believe he did that to me after being together for 1 and a half years together.We were so happy back then..

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very similar situation to me i guess, my ex was my first true love, even after 2 months i cannot get over her, and having to see her 5 days a week drives me insane to the point of depression.


but on the other hand, the dreams and pain at night will diminish over time, if u dont tackle things and just go on and on ull get numb to it. all that being said, perhaps u need to find the root cause, really try and get clarification on the relationship have a big heart to heart. its never easy to let go, especially when your the one that gets dumped.


all the best, and remember the other person can never understand what your going through, or they would be concerned for you, so dont expect a world of understanding from them, beacuse chances are you will get shot down

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I'm having my preliminary exams right now this week and next week.It's crucial cause I got to use them to get into a college.And the O levels are coming up as well.And that's,of course, the most important.

Everyday has been getting better.I'm spending a lot of time on my friends and church activities on weekends.Although when night falls,it makes me think of him.I keep myself busy with memorising bio notes which is tomorrow's paper.It hurts like hell alot.But I've come to senses that he's no longer mine anymore.

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