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im so confused.........

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Hi all.

Yeah i know its me again.

As i told before my ex dumped me 6 month ago.

We have been together for 2 1/2 year.

Bougt a house and so on.

Yesterday i saw her back since, i think 3 month.

We had a little walk and talked for a long time.

Still it was a strange feeling to see eachother again.Maybe because we were so deep in love before.

As we were talking it sounds like there was a small chance we get back later. But this conversations before were also like this.

like we will see later

and maybe there is still a chance.

It was like that before.

And every time when she sends an email she writes : To make things clear. I dont want a relationship anymore. but she still wants to hang out with me.

What do i have to think about this.

Is she just playing me?

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I say no contact... but yeah shes willing to be friends im guessing and i think you arent ready for that yet or maybe u are... if u arent then i wouldnt accept hanging out with her for the time being since it hurts


maybe shes keeping u hanging...more details needed



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I dont know what to think.

If she really doesnt like me anymore she would just cut of with me.

If she still loves me she wouldnt keep me on the robe. and say at least hey there might be a day we get back together.

But now she is giving the feeling for having a chance and in her mail it says the opposite.

so i think its only a mindgame she is playing with me.

It can be her revenge. i dont know.


I just wrote a mail, that if there is no chance for us anymore,im not gonna stay with her till she walks away with another person.

That i love her too mutch for that and that i havent the power en courage to do that.So i cant see and wont contact her anymore.


i dont know if i did right with that

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I think you did the right thing for you. Which is to get space to heal. After you have healed... who knows what will happen? I feel though that you will have a much clearer perspective on what you really want and will be strong enough to stand firm.


So... the ultimatum is appropriate. She may come back with a "There may be a chance for us in the future"... but that doesn't matter. You need to know if there is a chance for you *now*... otherwise, all you will be doing is dragging things out, setting yourself up for a lot of pain and not moving on with your life.


Hang in there.

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Thanks NRJron

She doesnt really has a good reason to break up with me.

Last reason was that she had problems with trusing someone.

Well i think that i told her everything and that she knew me for 100%

there was nothing that i didn't tell her from my past.

yeah there was one small little lie --> i watch sometime porn.So?i know alot of boys even girls do it.

I promised to throw everything away.

But its still not good enough.

So that isn't the reason.

Well i didn't still received a mail from her.

But she will maybe read it tomorrow and reply me.

At last she will feel it was the last time she can contact me cause after this there is nothing anymore.

And im sure she will start thinking about am i loosing now a great person, wont i ever see him anymore, is this the last time and so on......

And yes its hard for me but at least i know i was honest at her at all time we were together and that i never cheated on her.

and thats a great thing to think about.


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