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this might sound crazy...

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last night i had this terrible dream that my boyfriend liked another girl. the reason why this has been bothering me so much today is because i had a similar dream with the last guy i was dating and it turned out to be true! he stopped dating me and found another girl that he liked. am i being completely irrational? i need advice...please!!

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yes, all the time. i've always been insecure. hes told me that i'm the only one that he likes and wants to be with, but for some reason i'm always afraid that someone better-looking will come along. i know i need to get over this, but its hard when i've been screwed over so many times.

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there are lots of reasons you could have dreams like this. like maybe it was similar to something you saw on TV, or saw a movie about a cheating boyfriend, or you talked to one of your friends who is being cheated on. Your dreams may not be an indicator of the future, rather, could just be the side effects of things you've been thinking about recently.


is everything with your bf ok? do you have reason to suspect he is cheating?

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He probably DOES like another girl and probably likes several other girls. That's actually quite normal. Now whether he likes any other girl enough to cheat or change you is another matter. Now I can't speculate on this because I don't know you or him or know how long you've been together, etc.


I wouldn't attach ANY significance to the dream, as people dream the most ridiculous things like I once dreamt that we bought some pet lions from the garden center and they stole our dog's food.

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