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What is tripping me up?

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What would cause a potential employer to not call you when you clearly meet all the requirements put in their ad? I applied for a position in a town that i want to live in, i met all the requirements they listed and figured i would get a call because i met everything they asked. but alas no call... then some jobs that i don't meet the requirements call me for interviews, but they arn't in teh area i want to go to.... what kind of cruel joke is the job world playing on me lol Kinda takes a lot out of you. Today i applied for another job that i meet the requirements for, but they made you fill out their online app which didn't include a lot that my resume would. But after getting shutdown on other jobs i meet requirements for, it makes me wonder if im destined not to end up where i want to. does this happen to anyone else? or what?

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Hey there,


Yes, this has happened to me before, plenty of times. I received my Master's Degree plus I have 3 years experience in my field and I have been turned down plenty of times, even when I felt the interview went well.


This is very competitive time we live in now. The key is to never give and keep trying. Perhaps take a job you are not too hot on just to get a cash flow coming in, more experience while you look for something you really like.


Hang in there.

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biggest bit of "advice" I can give you is to phone the company and ask THEM.....the worst that can happen is that they won't help or take the call BUT... my brother did this on a job he got turned down for. He rang for some feedback to discover that the person offered the job turned it down and they were so impressed with his proactive approach they brought him back in and he got the job (a Lecturer at a Uni).


Obviously he had the qualifications required but his proactiveness won him the job.


Also, in my last job I worked in HR and people so SELDOM ever rang for feedback on why they weren't successful that when they DID it really made them stand out and sometimes I looked at/examined their CV again just to make sure we hadn't rejected them out of turn.


I'm not saying it will get you a job but the only ones who really know why they're not inviting you in are the people rejecting you.

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Good advice Wimpy.

Sometimes, it lands you a job or gets you a new contact or two. At the very least, if you can find out why they didn't hire you there is the opportunity to work on it and grow from it.


Sometimes, actually a lot of times, it has nothing to do with you or your abilities.


Good rule of thumb is to not take any of it personally. It's business. Pure and simple.


Just keep at it. If you're not already, I'd really suggest going directly to the person who Hires directly. Always. Make them remember you. Call back, send a thank-you by email or fax right after the interview even if you think it went horribly.


A lot of times, it is a simple matter of the Boss picking whoever is in their mind at the moment. If you are only a resume in a stack somewhere, or one face out of many faces in a stream of interviews, you might be forgotten.

I can't tell you how many times I've seen people get hired with few qualifications just 'cause they were there when the Boss needed 'em - and others weren't.


Mucho good luck. Take heart.

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I think it happens sometimes. Sometimes an employer is required to make a public announcement. however, they may have someone already lined up and someone that they want to hire, but can't do it until there's been a public announcement. so, people like you unknowingly can wind up wasting their time applying for a job that's already unofficially taken.



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hmm thanks for the advice, ill have to give these places a call next week. i was wondering tho, i just applied to a place that is in the process of being constructed. again i feel like i may have the requirements met and would want to get a chance at the job. it looks like the hiring is being done from one of their other establishments in another state. Is it ok to call them in a few days to see how they are handling hiring? and to express my intrest in possible interviews? or is that not proper to do in that situation? i only ask because i would love to get a job there but don't want to have to wait 6 months for the establishment to open. or worse get a job and then get called 5 months later because thats when they decide to hire people.

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alright so i had my 2 interviews on 9/1, so if i called them around the 13th i should be ok there. any opinons on the place i applied to today? 9/8 i dont want to be pushy to them, im just wondering how they will hire people for a business that isn't finished yet. and of course to express my intrest in working with them

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I think calling around the 13th is probably appropriate.


and as for the first.... same, maybe call in 2 weeks, ask if they will process your application. they are probably really busy with building the business right now, so i wouldn't be surprised if they took a while to get back to the applicants.

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ah alright, i didn't know people called when u didn't get a offer. any interviews i went on usualy go like i interview and then they never say anything one way or another, so i basically sit around until i figure they didn't hire me. some places at least send a letter, but that is usualy a place that wasn't going to give me a interview to begin with

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Yeah, I have received letters when I didn't get the job. so... i think you should always follow up! you never know....


One time, I was accepted to a university, and I didn't know because I never heard anything from them. the chair of the admissions committee called me personally a few months later and asked why I never responded to their offer! I told them I never heard from them, so I assumed I didn't get the spot.

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