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My first poem on here My heartbreak


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I recently have checked up on the girl who broke my hearts myspace. She completely threw me away for her ex and now I see he cheated on her and it's over. So I feel a little bad because now I can see she is moving on, and now im probably more forgotten as Im sure she is probably thinking of news guys and if anything else..him. I just feel stupid for seeing her page, so I felt I should write about how I've felt for the last year.

Time to Move On


When you want them back nothing else matters

Time slows down

Your heart is shattered

Why didn't I make a move

I guess I'll have to learn

She's not coming back

But I'll still wait for her return


The worlds not spinning

My hearts gone cold

How could this be?

If I still have my soul


Life doesn't seem the same

But haven't I weathered the storm?

I think if could just see her smile

Then maybe my heart would warm


My heart is closed

filled with fear

I'm left with no strength

To wipe my own tears


I feel used

Even Betrayed

I cared for her

Why didn't she stay?


I hope she finds true happiness

Love she can't believe

A better love she could had even with me


Memories still hurt

I have fought off all regret

I will always miss her

My heart will not forget


She is irreplaceable

A section of my new heart

With me until the end

It hurts so bad to move on without my friend

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That is very nice poem. But, you know what?


She is irreplaceable


She is replacable, you just don't know it yet. In fact, not only is she replacable, but you can actually do better. You can find someone who will reciprocate your love, who won't take you for granted, and who will not cheat on you....


She completely threw me away for her ex and now I see he cheated on her and it's over.




Someday you will be able to write a love poem to a person that deserves it. Hang in there. I know it hurts now, but a brighter future is ahead.


I think in order for you to heal- you will have to stop looking at her myspace page. You're just going to keep feeling more hurt if you check up on her.



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Yeah, I went about 5 months without looking at her page. Then I just couldn't fight it anymore. I just want to care about something again, I have been feeling empty. Hopeless.


I know what you mean though, everyone seems to get through it. There is just something about seeing her move on, it's like I'm just a faded memory now.


Everyone says I'll find someone better, but the only thing I really feels is that I want her. The part of me that knows better is getting tired of fighting the side the puts her on a pedastal. I'm tired of thinking about her.


What is the point of all this, getting your heartbroken. What does it teach anyone? besides the fact that this can be a cruel world.

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