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Met a great girl-have no way to contact again


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I just got back from 5 day camping trip. It is an annual labor day trip me and several friends have been making for the last few years. About 60 people went alltogether. While we are up there it is pretty much binge drinking for the whole 5 days.


Well anyway, first day up there me and my friends (all guys) were hanging out with my one friends little sister and all her friends (all girls) Me and all my buddies are 21-22 years old, and the girls were all 17-18 years old. There was one girl i found incredibly attractive and i kind of had my eye on her, but didn't make any kind of move because of the age difference. Well later that night she made a move on me. We kissed for a while and fell asleep spooning. During this all she mentions she has a boyfriend back home and i backed off and told her we should stop. She said she couldn't resist me so we kept kissing. Next day we didn't talk to each other really, i figured she felt guilty about the hookup so i just gave her distance. Well the next night we ended up hooking up again.


The connection i felt with the girl was unbelievable. It felt so perfect to kiss her. I have been with plenty of girls, and something about her was just so different, so right. The problem is we never got a chance to sit down alone and have a good sober talk. So i am not really sure if she just wanted a drunk hookup from me while she was away from her boyfriend, or if she really liked me enough to leave her boyfriend. Later i hear that when she is home her and her bf are atached at the hip, always together.


So i never got this girls number because i was kind of scared to ask. I didn't want to be rejected. I also feel kind of uncomfortable about the age gap, she just turned 18, i am 22.5 years old. So i have no way of contacting her now.


Do you think i should search high and low for a way to find this girl, or should i just forget about it and move on considering she is so much younger and already has a bf?

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First off, if she is willing to make out with you while she has a boyfriend back home, don't be naieve enough to think she won't do it to you too if you were dating and she went somewhere without you.


The age difference isn't that big a deal. It's only a few years. My bf is 10 yrs younger than me. Her attitude towards relationships, however, is a big deal. You don't want to hook up with someone you can't trust.

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MaeMae - i have already considered what you said and it is a very valid point. But i also have considered that maybe her boyfriend just isn't satisfying her in a way that i could. Her current boyfriend is still a boy. He is only 17 and will be in his senior year of high school this year. I however am a man. She will be starting to goto school at my university this year as well. I also have heard that she has a past record of being very loyal to her boyfriend and everone was schocked to hear she hooked up with me. So maybe I just make her feel that special way that no one else can.


Who knows...you do have a very good point though

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