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my dad doesn't like my boyfriend....

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I've been with my boyfriend for almost 7 months now and at first my dad seemed to like my boyfriend when he first met him, however, his opinion has completely changed and the only thing to warrant this change is political views and ethnicity. My dad made it clear to my mom and my mom relayed the message to me that my dad did not want me to hang out with this "conservative cuban" but after some clarification on my boyfriends viewpoints my dad seemes to have been more accepting. However after spending a few hours each day with my boyfriend this past weekend my dad lectures me on how I am spending too much time with him (i'm talking about a few hours each day during the weekend which isn't much).


How should i deal with this? I can tell it is affecting my relationship with my dad (even though we are not close at all) but at the same time I do not want to lose my boyfriend either. My mom told me that he would be like this with any guy. Keep in mind that I am 22 and he is 24. I am still living at home because I go to college and will be graduating this semester, however, i have to get a graduate degree to get a decent job with this degree. My boyfriend did ask me if i wanted to move in with him in december but i know my dad would practially disown me...and i have not told my boyfriend how my dad really feels about him

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Don't tell your boyfriend about how your dad feels.


How my S.O. family feels about me is so important, I would feel crushed if they didn't like me.




Try talking to your dad, and say how you feel about your boyfriend, and that it would mean a lot to you if he tried to see past the differences of his bf, and get along with him,




My dad would be passive aggressive and say things like "You spend too much time with your friends" instead of telling me the truth. If your dad doesnt make the effort to get along with your bf, then think about ignoring his complaints until either he moves past his objections or you leave your bf.

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if your happy keep with the relationship. Your dad will see how happy the guy makes you etc..


My dad is like that too with a criteria and he tells us too quite frequently about our bf's. My sister and I just ignore him though b/c my dad doesn't know the relationship. He's not the one in it.


don't tell your bf. I don't b/c what happens if things change and your dad ends up changing his mind.

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