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Just recently, I received this weird pimple like sore on my butt... It kills me to sit, walk, or stand. It hurts now, it hurts yesterday, it hurts tomorrow. I would bust it but it would really hurt. My pain meter would go up to practically 10 times the pain I have now. My parents say I need to go to the doctor... What can I do to get rid of it?! School is closing in and I bike... it'll kill to bike.

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OH my gosh, I had that once. I've never admitted it to anyone. It hurt my butt too and I finally told my mom I couldn't see, so she looked and she said i had a huge red pimple. It was horrible. She said, like a lot of moms would because their moms, she could try and get it, or I could go to the doctor.


She did it and it was awful. I was in a lot of pain, but I'd rather have my butt up in the air and my mom deal with it than the doctor. She had to check it over a few days to make sure it wasn't getting any worse. She's never seen anything like it.


Maybe you're gutsy enough to get your mom to help you out. But the doctor might be better too.

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Go to the doctors. It could be a boil and you may need antibiotics.


It may help if you sit in the bath with the water as hot as possible. This might help it to burst itself? I do this when I get 'in-grown' hairs (pubic area) that make lumps. Once the hot water opens the pores they burst and I get relief from pain.


I would still go to the doctor to make sure it won't re-occur.


Good luck and take care.

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Well I looked into the medical dicitonary I have and busting it could make it worse. And it also says that showering instead of bathing could help prevent infection or something like that. Either way pain is coming my way right?


Ok... my parents are driving me to the clinic. I'd rather not let my parents see my butt and stuff. And anyways, the doctors are trained... not my parents. My dad had something similar to that on his ear. They called acyst or something like that... and they drained it and it didn't hurt much.

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My son had the same thing when he was 8 months old. Looked like a pimple, grew into a huge knot. Ended up being MRSA staph. MRSA staph usually comes up in boil like (huge pimple knot looking) protrusions that can spread easily, are HIGHLY contagious, and next to impossible to kill.


Very specific antibiotics are needed. His burst and the infected matter that oozed onto the bandaid got another one going right next to it. The somehow my daughter got it. I thought his was gone and I let them bathe together again... She had to have surgery on her labia to have 2 removed that we HORRIBLE and cutting off her ability to pee....


Then I got it 1 year ago, but knew what to do now...


I am scaring you to get you to take care of it ASAP.


Make sure you don't touch it... Cover it with a band aid incase it bursts... DON"T pop it, and watch for any other sites that feel tender on your body before you hit the doc...

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