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hey all!

first of all i love this board, been here for a year or so, and reading posts and responding makes me feel great cuz i know how it feels and there are times when i laugh saying wow that was me, and one day this person will be laughing too. but to get to the point!

Me and my ex were together for 2 years, we ended it and now its been 4 months since the break up and after about a month and a half of NC, we started hanging out. So now of course i still love the girl, and in my head i think we will be together in the end. The reason we broke up was because she didnt put enough time into us, and i would even be scared to call her to hang out because of hte pain it caused from being let down. so now when we hang out i still get those feelings and i know she does too, but she holds them in soo well.we have talked openly about the situation and she says that ideally she wants to get back together with me but not today or tomorrow or in a month, also she is moving about 2 hours away for school, but will be back on weekends, so i think that will help me. I dont ever want us not to be close, but also i cant move on because if i do i feel like im screwing up my chances with her, she has told me that even if i found someone new, she is confident that we would find eacho other again, but with all that we have been through, i just cant let her go...the worst is that i still will tell her i lvoe her , and she always responds with " i know" because apparently its easier that way, though she says "

you know what im thinking." so i know we still lvoe each other alot..but its just difficult the way things are currently, and i have met a gal that likes me alot, but its not fair to her if im not 100% not with my ex...so yea i dont really understand what the exaclt problem is , but i know im feeling like crap somedays about the situation becuase i want to be with her badly. but yea.. respond with any insight you got, and i hope all keep talking and helping each other


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Hi Karam,


I am sorry things have been rough for you. Based on what you wrote in your post, having another relationship with your ex is very slim. She keeps throwing you carrots and you go after them. As long as you do that, she is never going to be straight up with you, why should she when she knows you are going to be there at her beck and call. This my friend is not love. It is drama, two things that should never be confused.


When you truly care and love the other person, he/she would never break up with the other person and would never treat a person in such a way. I would go back to school, do NC and never look back. It sounds like you are very young, with your whole life ahead of you, try not to get bogged down in all this drama. Life is too short. Hang in there.

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