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Well, this Summer vacations, I joined the work-force and had 3 jobs. I gained a lot of experience, and my next step is to go with my own business. The problem is, I'm a bit confused about how to go about it, and perhaps someone will be able to give some suggestions.


I'm a 16 year-old, in the 11th grade and I have some...



1 - I'm a straight A student

I've considered helping other students, but it wouldn't be legal, and students explaining things to other students isn't very popular here.


2 - I speak English fairly well, a bit of French and I'm learning Japanese. And I have my mother-tongue too.


3 - I can make very, very simple webpages and put them to work.


4 - Oh, the biggie... I simply LOVE to write, and, not being snobbish, I'm good at it.

I wouldn't mind doing something in any of these areas, but if I could make money with writing I would be a happy guy. I've been thinking about starting some kind of publication, but I don't really know if it's a viable thing to do.


Anyways, the...




- I live in a small town (>10.000 people)

- I have virtually no money to start a business

- There are really no need for traditional american part-times jobs (baby-sitting, washing cars, cutting lawns, etc.)



Uhm... I don't know, but maybe some of you, guys, can come up with something that I haven't thought of.

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Don't go with a publication yet. Too much capital and marketing involved.


I have an idea for you. Will activate my messaging here so you can PM me if you'd like. (No, I'm not going to scam you with an envelope-stuffing scheme! Just don't feel like putting the idea out there for EVERYone when this thread is about YOU.)

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You can't do most things until you are 18. Writing? Wouldn't work at your age and financial situation due to the reasons listed above me. You are fluent in 2launguages? How does this help you (unless it is Spanish....)? Unless you are an expert with c++, php, html, etc., no one will hire you for web design without certification. When most people start their own business, they do it with the intent of turning a profit for a period of atleast several years. You sound like you just want a hobby and some gas money. Starting your own business legally is a HUGE and very long bureaucratic process and not many people can do it sucessfully. I'm pretty sure you can't at your age (you live in the States right?) You might have to stick with mowing lawns or flipping burgers. That's what I did at your age. No one is above hard work. Not even intelligent people.

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I honestly think your BEST BET is going to be to focus on your education (including programming courses if you really want to get into web pages) and you can have a lot of fun at it. True, it costs money and doesn't MAKE money initially, but it will pay off!


As much as I wish I could offer you all the encouragement in the world, you will find you cannot get far without either a post-secondary education or someone who has a business in your family to help you along. That said, people have made money at the most interesting things!

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