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Is my friend attracted to me?

Sam _

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Me and this girl have been close friends fo the past 3 years and I recently found that I like her. But I'm not sure how she feels.


*Lately she has been a little more attentive towards me


*Whenever I make a joke or flirt with her she laughs and jokes or flirts back. We talk dirty sometimes as well. (She used to just laugh)


*She recently has been hugging me every day before she leaves school and usually whenever we see eachother. And when we don't hug when we see eachother she calls my name out and waves or if we see eachother and we're going the same way she puts her arm around me and walks with me. (She used to rarely ever hug me)


*When she is about to leave school, right after we hug, as she starts to walk away she has one of her arms extended towards me and say says 'bye'.

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I agree with the others; it sounds like she likes you a lot.

Yes, I sense she likes you more than a friend.


I would go for it!


Good luck,



A part of me is hoping that she isn't like this with all of her friends. How big are the chances between her liking me as 'more than a friend' and 'just as a friend'?


It certainly sounds like it, still taking her to the amusement park?


Not sure about the amusement park anymore. I keep hearing that it's shutting down for good this Monday. Then I hear it's next Monday is when it closes. So, I guess I'll ask her to the movies if the park is closed ^_^

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