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Have I done the right thing?


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Ok quick question guys, have I done th right thing?


I recently met a girl, we got on great and are starting to date.


The other night she had dinner at mine and we watched a film, she noticed a photograph of one of my best female friends who moved to pakistan, who i no longer see and started asking question.


I explained and thought nothing on it, she mentioned it again later in the evening, and I told her the whole story.


This morning I started worrying she might have thought the girl in the photograph was a girlfriend and I was just after her for something dodgey.


Today on the phone I told her my concern she sounded happy I said it and said I was being "a little paranoid, but the thought had beifly crossed her mind".


Basically my question is have I done the right thing by explaining this to her, or will she think I'm a bit OTT, at the time it felt the right thing to do, but now I'm concerned.


Thoughts please, ladies and gents.

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Wow thanks guys!


I just thought if it's been the other way round I would have been wondering.


I'm now sure I done the right thing in mentioning it to her,


At the start of the relationship you never wanna come accross as rushing or being obsessed, that was my concern.


Thank you guys.

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