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Burning when I come in my girlfriends mouth?

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My girlfriend had never been able to get me off with her mouth before, but she must have learned something new lately. A few weeks ago we were having sex but she started to get dry even though she was turned on, so I just went down on her till she came and she suggested she could do the same. It took a little while, but I did come and it felt great, but about a minute after she finished I got this awful burning feeling in my * * * *. I thought I might just have to go pee or something, so I went to go to the bathroom but it still burned. It took about 15 or 20 minutes for it to subside. Same thing happened the next 2 times she made me orgasm with her mouth. weird thing is the last time it happened was when we were having sex, we didn't have a condom on hand nor any kleenex and we were in risk of getting caught so I pulled out about 10 seconds before I was about to cum and no burning.


This hasn't happened for about 3 weeks (we were on a vacation together) and when I got back I went to my doctor for a checkup so I know it isn't a UTI. It's not an STI/STD either, neither of us had sex before, and I went and got tested beforehand anyways because I had oral sex before, just to give her peace of mind. So what the heck is going on, does anyone have any ideas? I'm probably just going to go back to my doctor and ask, but it's kind of embarrassing asking completely sexual questions like this sometimes.

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It's common for men to have a burning sensation, discomfort, or pain, when you first urinate directly after ejaculation; this is because friction applied to the urethra during masturbation, anal or vaginal intercourse, or receiving oral sex can cause some minor irritation to the tissues of the urethra.


The urine passing over these irritated tissues causes a burning sensation.


However, pain while urinating and/or ejaculating can also occur with inflammation or infection of many of the structures of the urinary/reproductive tract, such as the urethra (tube that leads from the bladder out the end of the penis), prostate (gland that encircles the neck of the bladder and urethra), and epididymis (sperm-carrying tube within the testicles).


Both sexually-transmitted and other types of infections can affect all of these structures.


Allergies to ingredients used in lube and/or latex condoms, or mechanical injury to the urethra from objects inserted into the penis, could also cause your discomfort.


Hope this helps,


Good luck,



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There was one time, looooong time ago, when I was masturbating, and after finishing, I start to feel something like what you describe. By that time I had no contact of any kind with any girl (well, just kisses). It felt strange and I was worried. But it hasnt happened again since then....

If I remember well, I was masturbating while taking a bath (not shower), but I dont know if it is related to that....

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I've had this happen several times masturbating aswell, a while back I was stupid and used soap to lubricate :S..well, it would get into the pee hole and far out, I felt like I was pissing razor blades man!


Not a good feeling, so I stopped using soap, lol.


Then I used shampoo, and didn't let it get near the pee hole, but I still felt it, yet none got in there...


Now I don't use shampoo, lol.


I used my own damn saliva...and I didn't get any stinging sensation.


I didn't like the idea of doing that as there can be plenty of nasty things in saliva.


I havent really ever had this problem ever..the only time i've had it is when sitting here at my computer, and thinking good thoughts, i'd get that pre-cum stuff, and not really notice it, then when i'd go to pee, It would sting for some reason...that's about the only time i've noticed it.


Ask your girl if she had mouthwash beforehand, because I can only imagine how painful that would be down there :S


Anyway, best of wishes for later on, I hope it doesnt keep happening.

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How about... is your girlfriend a DRAGON?!


Sorry that wasn't funny. I'll be going now.




Anyway, anything that's not exactly the pH of your urethra will burn. Anything more acidic (regular old water, vinigar[ * * *], saliva) or anything more alkaline (soap, shampoo[lol]), any foreign substances essentially will burn to some extent, some not noticeable and some very.


Basically, the reason it burns is because you're getting spit in your urethra. When you ejaculate it irritates an already irritated tissue. Imagine having soda in your mouth, and you squeeze it under your tongue.

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