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what is emotional/intellectual/sexual compatibility?

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Just want to start a thread here so that we all understand and define these 3 important components in good relationship. I will start first:


emotional compatability -

ability to understand each other's feeling and express them, frequency of contact like once every day or once every week is sufficient


intellectual compatibility-

Like to read the same types of books and movies and being able to disuss it in a deep level


sexual compatibility -

frequency of course, being adventurous, like to role play at times...


your definition?

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Emotional Compatability: the ability to understand and draw comfort from your significant other, and knowing without having to discuss it what form that comfort needs to take. The ability to be close without have to be close.


Intellectual Compatability: Being on the same level or close to it mentally. Not feeling as if you have to dumb down everything you say. Feeling equal and happy about it instead of jealous or superior. You don't feel the need to show off how much you know about something they don't because you know that they already think highly of you and are genuinly pleased when you come up with some tidbit of information that they didn't have...


Sexual Compatability: someone like-minded in all avenues of carnal delight. Someone who knows your body well enough to know when to pull hair and know when to caress. Someone who understands that sexual compatability dosen't mean you always have to have sex, but that keeping the fire going between times it important...

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Good question. My current view is that compatibility is going to largely depend on what each partner need and wants from the relationship. Going with that....


Emotional Compatibility: Someone who cares as much for my happiness as for their own and who exhibits a strong unconditional love for me just as I do for her. So strong love basically...


Intellectual Compatibility: Succintly, someone who can think perceive and act. Someone with good logical reasoning skills and an interest in learning.


Sexual Compatibility: A woman who is enthusiastic in bed and who has a similar drive for sex. It is the enthusiasm and innate desire for sex that I am looking for.


I specifically have only stated those things that I feel matter most to me. If you look for too many things when considering compatiblity in a relationship, you may find yourself sorely disappointed. My goals in life revolve the pursuit of happiness. Being realistic is very much a part of that pursuit.

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