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For those of you who were there to offer me support through my break-up, I'll always appreciate it more than you could ever imagine. I've come such a long way over the past three months. Through the pain, I learned so much about who I am, and what's important to me. It's taken a long time, and throughout my journey I learned to love myself. This test has built character and made me so much stronger than before.


She came back, she wanted to work things out, and we've spent a lot of time getting down to the heart of the matter.


This is one really world we live in. Once in a while, things happen, things that you almost never think would happen, do take place.


I'm a bit more guarded now, and I keep my emotions on a leash, because they are mine. I'll never completely lose my own identity in someone else again.



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hi - I was wondering how you were doing....


You know, i am still concerned. she really treated you like crap. did awful stuff to you, and embarrassed you and just overall, not a good person in some ways.





please re-read your posts.


what is she doing to rectify things? has she apologized to you? is her behavior improved?

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When she contacted me, I had already accepted the fact that the relationship had ended and was seriously beginning to move on. She was persistent, wanted to sit down with me in person to talk about things that bothered her, and made it a point to do "whatever it took" to work things out and make me happy. She said she was a total * * * * * * *, felt like crap, and had missed me for the past few months. I got a lot off my chest, and we agreed that there was a major communcation issue that needed to be addressed. In all seriousness, we created a "terror alert" scale from 1-10 that identifies her mood, so that we can talk before she blows up, and prevent another disaster.


To be honest, I've put things in perspective. I don't have all my eggs in one basket anymore, and am genuinely happy.


She'll never understand what I went through over the past 3 months. That's ok though, because I felt it, and I'll never forget it. I continue to learn and live life with my eyes open now.

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