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Method of asking someone out you dont know very well


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Do you believe in letting a woman get to know you a little at a time or telling alot about yourself when you ask her out. I think when most women see me, they blow me off because I look younger than I really am, and they think im just another nobody.


But the question is, do you tell them up front about yourself, (basically bragging) or do you think, "hey if she dosent want to get to know me, thats her loss". Ive seen situations where people tell me that after they came to my house and found out what my hobbies were and what I do for a living they thought of me differently. But by this time they have moved on after rejecting me and we were just friends.


I ask because I met this girl at a restuarant and she dosent know me that well, she was sitting with us in a group setting, we exchanged numbers and I know shes single. I called her 2 days later and asked her out, nothing extravagant, told her I think shes a nice person, would like to get to know her more, blah blah blah She said she didnt have any plans this weekend. She said to let her think about it and she would call me back. Imean, what is there to think about?

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You're right in a sense that there's nothing to think about. She's likely buying time to come up with an excuse that will allow her to "let you down softly."


As far as meeting women and asking them out - no need to tell them about yourself in depth.


If you appear younger than you are, then depending on what age range of females you're seeking - you'll need to appeal to that age range. If you're seeking older women, it will probably be more difficult if they suspect you're significantly younger. Conversely, our culture is more accepting of the male being older than the female so it would be much likely that an 18 - 22 your old female be more open to dating you. However, you can always change the way people perceive you through a) how you dress and b) your conversational skills.


As far as this woman calling you back and giving you an answer - delete her number. She's history, there's nothing to think about.

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No need to be sensitive to comments like that. You're 22 hanging with a 19 - 20 year old group? 2 years is insigificant. Even if you were 28 like me and hanging with women in their early 20's (like me) no need to be sensitive about your age. Joke about it - tell them you'll hit them with your cane if they tease you about your age.

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