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My ex and I have been talking again for about two months now. The idea is that we are "friends", and as much as I kept telling myself that... I still in the back of my mind wanted it to move back into something more.


Basically he broke it off with me when he decided he "still had feelings" for his ex.... We had a long distance relationship (he is in the army), that I THOUGHT was going really well. The breakup was pretty bad, lots of nasty things said, ect. ect... We didnt talk for two months, and one day.. out of the blue, he decided to talk to me, and weve been talking almost daily since, even though he is "not allowed" to talk to me as per his new g/f. We kept the conversations pretty casual (after him initially apologizing for mean things he said during the breakup), and both avoided the intense topics of our relationship for the most part. But, about a week ago we got into something pretty intense. We talked about what happened, and I told him that I would have moved before but was just waiting for him to decide if he was going to re-enlist to talk about it. And basically he told me he went back with her for conveinence b/c she lived closer to where he is stationed. He was acting very upset and said things like, "this information is four months late", that he was "just trying to let it all sink in" and that he really had thought he wanted to marry me when we were together. But, then he would say things like, "Im happy with who Im with".


Ever since that conversation happened, he had been kinda rude to me, and trying to upset me by "cracking jokes" about me, small things.. but things he KNOWS will upset me (he's a big "button pusher", and always told me he loved to "ruffle my feathers")... I just cant help but feel like he's trying to give me complexes. But thats a whole 'nother issue...


My question is... what the heck is going on in his head right now? I cant figure out if he still has feelings for me.. or if he just wants to be friends. Its like he's contradicting himself from one minute to the next. And if he really is happy with his new g/f then why is he talking to me like this behind her back? Am I jsut reading too much into things b/c I want him back? Or are my questions legit? ... Uuuuggghhh.. I dunno....

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Take it easy dont stress yourself out let him know that you have some serious questions and ask him and do whats best for you in the end when you find out. Casue I dont think you deserve to play second to none.



Thank you! I totally agree with not playing second best.. that much I know. And I know I need to ask him these questions, its just.. Im terrified!!! I dont want to be looking too much into all of this, and end up making a fool of myself, nor do I want to ruin the friendship we have rebuilt in the past few months. Oy Vey.. Im a mess, huh? ~LOL~ I know what I should to do.... I just need to build up the courage to do it. Thanks again!!

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