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Forget about this 'friendship?'

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I posted a topic a while back about a friend in work I was having problems with but now I feel as if I've been kicked in the teeth a bit. We've been friends for 2 years and got on really well but this last few months he's stopped inviting me out altogether. I went on holiday with him three months ago and one of his friends and another person from work and since we've got back they meet up every week and go to clubs but I'm not asked. I have a strange feeling the other person from work has been doing his best to influence the other two to leave me out a bit because I'm a lot quieter than they are and myself and the other person have never really hit it off. My friend and the work colleague are doing a lot together now but I'm never asked. The final insult came yesterday when it was me and different work colleague were sitting together and my 'friend' asked if he wanted to come to his birthday party this weekend and just left me out! I was like 'Thanks for the invite!' and he responded with 'It's no big deal just a few drinks - come if you want to but if you don't want to don't!'. Everyone else has had an invitation from him including this other work colleague who's reasonably quiet and doesn't drink and there's me who's been a supposed friend for 2 years not even asked! Really harsh I thought. Part of me thinks it's time to forget him as a friend but at the same time I'm finding it hard because I really like him and I want to develop my circle of friends. Any thoughts?

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