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After a week, she calls...

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So it's been a week since Iv'e had any contact with the ex. (See my original thread). She called lastnight, I wasn't around, and didn't call back. I get a phone call about an hour ago, see it's her and SHOULDNT OF ANSWERED!


But I did. I pick up the phone, we do the usual "Hey how have you been" bla bla. Not 2 minutes into the convo she comes out with "So, have you had sex yet". I'm completely taken back, and ask why she would even ask that. She keeps on insisting me to answer, Im laughing and tell her no. She continues to ask all these questions, about what girls Im talking to bla bla bla.


Tells me she's been "wondering what Iv'e been doing" etc. She had a qurrel with a friend of mine about 6 months ago. And seemed to think my friend, had a thing for me. Well since we broke up, my friend has been commenting my myspace page telling me she misses me and can't wait to see me. My ex tonight says, "I hope she doesn't think just cuz we're not together I wont beat her . Im laughing at all this. Then says "So you told all your friends", like Im supposed to pretend we're still together.


She just came at me with all these crazy antics, and got off the phone. Well for the past week Iv'e been trying to figure out how to tell her that I can't be "just her friend". And didn't get a chance to, because she got off the phone after ?'ing me a million times.


I called back 20 mins later, told her I couldn't be her part-time friend. That I didn't know how to be "Just her friend". She tells me "I just don't know how to feel anymore". I explain to her that I still love her, but I can't pretend to not have feelings for her just to keep in contact. I say "I don't know about you, but I talk to my friends on a regular basis, you like to call when its convientent for you". (Im currently in the process of moving back to my homestate). She says "Oh so, you talk to ALL your friends from back home on a daily basis" I say "No, but when I move back I will" She says "Good for you, I dont wanna talk to you anymore" and hangs up. What the hell????


Here I'm trying to let this girl know that I can't keep in contact as "just friends", and get shut down with a hang up before i get everything out?


I'm so confused right now. Iv'e talked to her 3 times in the 3 weeks we've been broken up, and she calls with all this? I'm not stupid, I know she's calling to see if she still has me there if/want she needs it. And I won't do that. I just wish I knew why she was asking all these ?'s. And wish she'd be straight up with her feelings, instead of avoiding it with games.


Im completely frustrated.

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dont answer the phone dont respond to text messages or emails.. they just want to feel the power they have over you.. believe me.. once you go NC they lose all power they have over you! once you tell yourself you deserve better and thats the only thing you will accept thats when things will get better. if you go back with her she will think its ok to act the way she did and just walk all over you.. i tell myself that everyday when i want to pick up the phone.. only talk to her again when are truly over her. only then can you be friends or even think about getting back 2gether. but you have to let go to get it back.. i know its hard but its the truth

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So she just called back. And I said "So are we just going to stop talking, and leave this all alone" and she says "No, I'm just babysitting, and we really need to talk about all this, and I can't right now, so I'll call you tomorrow" I said "Alright, well if I dont hear from you tomorrow I'll take it as that's it" she says "Well no, because Im not sure what time I get off work tomorrow"...I said "You wanna know what, just call by Sunday, if I don't hear from you, that's it, im done" she agreed, told me she loved me, and that was that.


So we'll see what happens.

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Well my man, you're going to get where you need to be, but you need to demand an answer. If it were me as soon as she wanted to brush me off with the babysitting comment and calling tomorrow delay tactic, I'd be like "That's great, but we need to talk about this right now." Then if she denied, don't offer her the option to call back or it's through. She needs to understand the urgency of it and you need your answer asap. Don't count on her calling by the way. I'd call her back and tell her we need to talk about it right now and don't take no for an answer.

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