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Breaking it to him


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I have recently befriended a new kid in my grade who is quite cool. We have the same interests, both pretty quiet and relaxed, but there is just one problem.

He never shuts up. I mean never. When we watch a movie, or something, he ia always talking, and I am about to split my brain trying to focus on the plot of the movie and listen to him ramble incoherently.

Also, he has to be included in alot of things that I am. For instance, my female friend and I were planning a fun deal/bet thing, and he insisted that he should be a part of it.

Thankfully, my friend is not as nice as I am and shrugged him away with a fib.

Right now, he has been calling me multiple times asking questions about it, and I haven't answered.


How do I just break it to him that he is seriously making me mad right now? I know he is a new kid, and wants to fit in, but this is seriously pinching my nerves.


Any thoughts?

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Let him know he needs to chill when your watching a movies let him know be friendly about it and say something like can we watch the movie and talk later. Or pull him to the side and tell him that if you guys are gonna be friends then there are somethings that he needs to chill out.

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You might also want to try introducing him to more people or clubs that he's interested in that you're not involved in. I have a feeling that the more people he meets, the more he'll lay off. He's probably just so excited that he's befriended someone that he's going overboard.

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Is his circle of friends large? Are you his only circle? A talkative person, especially meeting a new friend, could mean he's excited to have a cool person to play with and probably assumes he's now in your circle.


Do it gently. Unfortunately, I would've been like your friend and lied to him so as not to hurt his feelings. You may want to bring him into this circle of friends later on. Set the boundaries for him. Sort of like,


"Hey, me and such and such are going to do this and that, I'll catch up with you later."


And just split.


or with regards to your bet,just say it's a personal competition between you and your friend. He sghould know not to cross that line and not take it personally.


From this, he'll see you have your circle that does not include him BUT he's in another of your circles, so he doesn't feel left out too much.


As for the talking, good luck. I always use bathroom breaks as an excuse.

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