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Is something wrong with me? :(

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The last days of my life have been full of depression and crying.I don't really want to write all reasons for that here,but my family and my ex have something to do with it.I felt so depressed for 2 days that I couldn't eat.I just lost my apetite.Anyway,now I feel better but whenever I try to eat something after that I feel like throwing up.I haven't done it,but I feel awful and that of course kills any desire to eat again.Could the depression cause something to my stomach or what?

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i get the same way when i'm upset and for a few days after- no appetite... and when i do eat i take two or three bites and i feel sick.


It goes away and then your appetite comes back (mine comes back even bigger)...

But if it continues or the depression continues you should seek some help.


Just tell yourself ..this too shall pass....

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It's normal to lose your appetite when you are depressed.


Depression suppresses biological functions, including eating.


Besides a depressed mood or loss of pleasure, symptoms of depression may include appetite and sleep changes, apathy, fatigue, hopelessness, guilt, loss of concentration, and thoughts of suicide.

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Yup. It's normal to lose your appetite if you're depressed. Oddly enough, it's also common to start over-eating when depressed, too. Just depends on the person. Same thing with sleeping patterns when people are depressed -- some people can't sleep at all, some can't do anything but sleep.


If you're feeling down for more than 2 weeks, it's time to consider speaking to your doctor. Otherwise, it's likely just a normal reaction to current events in your life, and will pass with time.

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