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He keeps breaking NC. I'm afraid he's wearing me down.

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I broke things off with a guy. I decided to go NC after I saw his new girl. I stopped going to concerts and bowling and dinner with him. I stopped answering his calls. But he still calls me. He left me a message and he emailed me and talked about how he had trouble getting in touch with me. He texted me twice "Everything ok?" "where r u?" this week when I didn't reply to his messages or texts. He's making NC hard. I know he's no good for me but one of my friends got married this week, another friend is in a new serious relationship, one keeps talking about her upcoming engagement, and I feel alone. How can I do NC when he's making it hard to do NC?

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he'll quit as long as you keep ignorning him. block his number.


It's been a month and he hasn't given up.


He hangs out at the same places I do. I've been avoiding those places. We have 2 mutual friends. I avoided parties thrown by these 2 friends. Now it's getting annoying because I miss those places. My friends are getting annoyed too. NC is taking it's toll on me.

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Yes it's the same guy. I for the life of me can't figure out why he keeps trying to contact me when I'm trying to do NC!


Can i do NC and hang out at my usual places with friends or should I continue to stay away from these places? I'm new to NC and I need advice on gray areas. Once I went out to my favorite Italian restaurant with my friends he showed up at my table with his coworkers! I didn't want to ignore him and look immature in front of my friends and his coworkers so I engaged in very light chit chat. I didn't want to risk breaking NC again so now I avoid these places at all costs.

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