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Lost all hope


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Mothers crying, her only son has died

Some guy was drink driving, didnt care if it will kill someone

Her daughter has lost her soul, and shes crying out loud

Shes lost all her hope


A little girl was raped and murder

her brother was outside banging on the door trying to stop that man

But he was to small, but he tried his hardest

He wishes he could stoped that man, now he blames him self

He lost all his hope


A young girl finshed worked, going to catch the bus home

She got bashed and raped, tried to fight him

He got away, now she lives in pain

To scared to sleep, to scared to close her eyes, to scared to walk these streets

Shes lost all her hope


And eight year old trusted her uncle so

But he raped her, now shes scared to get close to anyone

She has nightmares, she trys to forget, but she cant

She wants to live a normal life and not worry about a thing

But she lost all her hope now

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