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Ok my self esteem right now is bout -10

I've never been in a good relationship, simply because of my self esteem, its a cycle


2 years ago someone flat out called me ugly and thats wat did it for me


and even today i sometimes get "jokes" bout my looks, they say that they're joking but it makes me mad


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theres a pic of me, just for reference, what u guys think?

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Hi cap,

Sometimes our self-esteem will take a blow, when someone says something degrading or acts a certain way. Someone calling you ugly was vindictive and disrespectful. First of all, you are attractive and second of all, a mature adult would never call another ugly. I think that shows a lack of character on their part. Have you tried counseling to work through your body image? It may help immensely.

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Nothing anyone else can say can improve your self esteem- probably you wouldn't believe it anyway. Anyway- I feel the same as you- I hate myself a lot of the time. But what I always tell myself is- I'm noone's responsibility but my own. No one else is going to do anything for me- cos they're busy looking after themselves. So I may as well look after myself- and y'know, like myself. Difficult though!!

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Having low self esteem often makes it easy enough to focus on all the bad things that are said about you, to exaggerate things and to disregard compliments as pity and the like. For example, focusing so much on one person saying you're ugly, whereas you've had a few compliments to counter that which you may have quickly ignored. I'd suggest seeing a counsellor to try and work on those negative ways of thinking so that you can look at yourself and things in an unbiased light.


Also, don't take this to mean I think you're ugly, I don't, but I noticed in the picture you have a little bit of acne. If you're worried about your appearance so much, you could try using wipes, creams, and if they don't work medication to get rid of the acne?

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I think you look fine, there is nothing wrong with you!


Everyone has low self esteem in some stage of their lives, I think you should maybe put yourself out there. Do something exciting and new, involve yourself in more activities, maybe then you will build up your courage and you'll think more of yourself

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