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Day Care Delima Help!!!!!!

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Well I just started a day care job on tuesday and i took my 10 month old thursday for the first time. Today we had to take her to the ER and she has a stomack virus and is throwing up and all. I am having second thought now. I jsut found out I am pregnant and i dont think i can put Rylie back in there knowing that she will get sick again... Its not fair for her and it jsut doesnt seem right cause she has never been sick before and after one day she has a virus? but i wanted a job where i could be with her and I tryed the home jobs and I couldnt manage that. But I need a job to bring in money but I dont want to be without my baby. I need help please.... I dont knwo what to do? and well lol i ma at a loss

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Well... I can tell you from experience that both of my children were sick on and off for the first 6 months that they were in daycare. It just takes them that long to catch all of the various things that are going around and to build up an immunity to them.


If you kept her home and you didn't work, yes, she probably would avoid getting ill, but you would also avoid getting a paycheck. And realistically, your daughter is going to catch all of these childhood illnesses eventually. Some kids are cloistered until the day that they start school and then they spend the first semester of school sick and fall behind.


Yes I know it kills you to think that you are knowingly subjecting her to sickness that you could save her from, but realistically, the strain of dealing with a intermittantly sick baby is nothing compared to the strain of dealing with an income deficit.


My advice is to stick it out. This was her initiation to childhood illness but there will be more to come whatever you do. Daycare will be a good experience for both of you, and if you change your mind later, at least you will have tried it....


Good Luck!

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Well, you work there so you have the added benefit of knowing that she is safe. When my oldest son first started pre-school he got sick alot. But then he built up an immunity to all those things and doesnt get sick anymore. It could be that she just happened to start on the wrong day when another kid gave her germs.. If you stick it out she will adjust fine. Maybe give it more time before just giving up.


Another idea is to take in another child to babysit, you can earn some money at home, give your child a playmate and also be sure she isnt exposed to all that. I did that for a while when my son was small. At one time I was babysitting two kids everyday all day and a 3rd that only came sometimes while his mom shopped. That added cash helped but you figure I saved because I was not paying his tuition at a daycare, or paying gas etc.. something to think about.

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Yea I guess you all are right.. I think even though I am a new comer that I will take on some actons to keep the place cleaner like spraying and washing everything. I worked at a days care a year and half before adn we had sick kids eveey once in awhile but nothing too badand it didnt spread too much and we always bathed toys in clorox and water when it got like this and it helped trmendously. so I think i will go and stick it out for as much as my poor body can handy and try to get past the sick and yuck and nastiness of it all...

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Anytime kids get together there are going to be all kinds of interesting viruses passed around. If it doesn't happen in daycare, then it will happen once they get to school, have playdates, etc. You really can't completely prevent it.


Kids get sick. It's a fact of life. I think you have some fantastic ideas about washing things down and such so that should keep diseases to a minimum. But sometimes a trip to the ER is a right of passage for a parent.


Oh and congratulations on your newest pregnancy!

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I'd be really careful and ask to see records on different chemical testing over the last couple years.


The daycare my brother's step kids go to just had to have all the kids tested for Mercury poisoning. The building used to make thermometers and then became a daycare.


Be careful about daycares and make sure you see all permits saying it can be a daycare.

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