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i think i have a problem..

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i think me and my girlfriend have a few problems together.. but they seem to be mostly MY problems. like we usually find a way to talk everyday (yes we're teenagers) and then the longest we've been away from each other is about 4-5 days.. well sometimes she wont be able to call me while shes gone somewhere due to phone troubles or she forgot to bring her charger or whatever.. and thats fine but. when i finally do get to talk to her.. sometimes she seems like she had so much fun without me and that she didnt miss me at all. like she wont say that she missed me or that something reminded her of me or anything and ill feel like i care about her alot more than she cares about me.. what should i do.. do any of you guys ever feel like this? i mean im glad she had fun.. but i guess i just feel like i miss her so much more than she misses me.. even though i did do alot of fun things with friends while she was gone. heh

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maybe she does miss you but is afraid to tell you, or go into detail about it in fear of scaring you away... how long have you guys been together? Maybe if you initiate and say "oh, I missed you" or "I heard this song and though of you" then she'll realize that you feel the same way and she'll open up more.

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