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moving in together = me being way too stressed out

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I already know moving somewhere new is a stressful task to begin with, but holy crap I never knew moving in with my bf would leave me feeling so stressed out and frusterated! I had moved 3 hours away from home to attend beauty school and now that I am graduating I'm moving another 1/2 hour away on top of the 3 hrs. My boyfriend asked his friends to help move us in the 22nd. no problems yet right... nope! My mom called me today and informed me they wouldn't have my stuff down here by then cause the axel on the trailer broke. I was like, "oh, that's too bad, but it's ok don't worry! we have the whole next week to do that." Well, when I told my bf he was so pissed... i told my friends that we needed help moving the 22 now what are we going to do now, blah, blah, blah So, now on top of my graduation, paying my debt to the school, getting acclimated to my new job (not going well and moving, along with other money related issues (my ex draining my bank account last winter.. still haven't fully recovered from that) I have this added pressure of him being on my case about moving my bedroom set down here. and god forbid I tell him "My stuff is 3.5 hours away, it's not going to be easy, didn't you expect any set backs?!" my point to all this is mostly me venting but also anyone else gone through this moving in hell? any tips?

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