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For me, it was 1 wk before he was calling and acting really upset, wanting to get back together. It's all a show though in my situation, he just feels lonely and wants some comfort, not that he really loves me. What I am trying to get at here is that although your ex may miss you with NC, it isn't necessarily true and most likely isn't that they really want to be back with you to love you but it is for their own selfish reasons.

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It was about two weeks before I received some contact. I never contacted them, only returned messages (didn't even return phone calls). About a month into me holding up my end of NC, I got the ol' "I miss you". After that I dropped the hammer and told her that she needed to call someone else the next time she was lonely. I haven't heard anything in almost three weeks since then, but I'm pretty sure she'll stick her nose back around.

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It's a bad idea to have any kind of result expected by doing NC. It basically amounts to game playing and even if you "swing" them back into the relationship by them missing you, the old problems will resurface and relationship will fail again.


Did you have that talk with her where you laid your cards out on the table? If not, then this is the wrong time for NC.

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