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is it worth potentially crashing and burning?

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Stay with me on this, it's a bit complicated.


I like this girl at work called Jo, but get on well with a girl on the same section as her, Corrinne.

Today, walking up to their section, this lad whispered (rather loudly) 'Oh look, here comes Corrinne's boyfriend'. I wasn't meant to hear it but I did.


I now feel quite despondent about the whole situation because with all this gossip about me fancying Corrinne, it's drawn things away from Jo, who I DO really like. I felt I was really connecting with her, but now it most likely seems that she's gonna believe the hype, not that I know whether I would have stood a chance with her in the first place.


Do I walk away with a morsel of dignity in tact, thus burning all bridges with Jo or can the situation be rectified or better still can I draw positives from it?


Thank you.

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You should be building your connection with Jo on a date, not in a work environment as "friends". All of your efforts to "chat" with these ladies has obviously built you a reputation around them as a guy with a crush or interest.


My fiance's sister works with me and tells stories about this guy who always comes up and tries to talk with her, and the whole group all look at this guy like he's desperate. I am not saying that your group does the same, but you definitely run the risk when you try to chat and build a "connection" the way you have. Instead, just be honest and upfront. If youhave an interest in Jo, then stop wasting time and ask her out for a cup of coffee, just the two of you.

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Diggity's on it.


(And what % of women in the UK are named either Corrinne or Jo?)


I'd consider asking Corrinne to grab coffee with you so you can talk and saying you hope you didn't put her in an awkward situation by visiting too much, you truly just think of her as a good pal and didn't want in any way to cause her trouble, and is there anything you can do to clear things up? Thus you look sensitive to her situation AND it's settled that you're not after her.


Don't ask in the next breath whether she can hook you up with Jo though ...

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