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Yes or No? Chat-up Lines.

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Heya everyone!! I'm a newbie, so be gentle with me!


Doing a bit of research here:

I was wondering, after a long debate with mates, whether chat-up lines work?

Some guys say that they're outdated and cheesy and others say that particular lines ALWAYS work and are great to 'break the ice' with. I've always been spontaneous - but so far, it hasn't lead to anything... What do you guys think?





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hi maxpower,


to be honest, i dont like chat up lines. i think it is cheesy and pretty pathetic. i expect a guy to be himself and just come over and introduce himself. i feel this shows that he wants to genuinely get to know me and i get more interested that way.


i am not speaking for everyone but this is my personal opinion but i tend to brush off guys who use chat up lines.



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Hi MaxPower and welcome to eNotAlone,


I am male but I will throw in my opinion in hope it will help!


I have never used a pick-up line myself, or have I ever felt the need to. Usually just introducing myself or making light of a dull moment is usually enough to break the ice and get a conversation started. I find that most women find pick-up lines sleazy, unless they are the type to like ego boosted kind of guys.


Also click here to see my recent thread about what people's favorite pick up lines were.



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A line to break the ice is a crutch, to be used when you cannot properly walk into a conversation. If you know how to do it right, don't use the crutch.


More importantly, a few words in such a line is the smallest portion of what you are doing. Before the words come out of your mouth, you should have been having a conversation with her, without using words. Body language is the language of love. Pay attention to it.

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My SO got me with a chat up line! Usually I wouldn't be impressed, but he got me!


What was it...


I've lost my telephone number, can I have yours?


Oh my god... I have heard that so many times... you know it is kinda funny actually that such an old pick up line can still work LoL ;-)

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