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thinking about suicide

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i have been really down in the blue lately because i have been losing a lot of my friends because i have a learning disability and i have a hard time reading and spelling plus i have temped suicide 2 time every week for the last month because i feel like there is no one i can really talk to and have them really understand how i feel because my parents act like I'm there angel and i get in to more trouble with cops then any one i know. i just want to know how can i keep the friends i still have and get my old friends back or get new friends and not lose them.

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Do something you enjoy doing, dont lock yourself away when your feeling down, write poetry or something (thats what i do), dont leave you emotions inside, thats the worsething someone could do.


Tell your friends that you are just having a ruf time at the moment and you are trying to get help and want to feel better and that you really dont want to lose there friendship and that they mean alot to you

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Hi lil_baby_girl and welcome to ENA


Being down is a pain and we all get that why, it can lead to looking over and over at the bad things we see in our life. Keep doing that and after a time all you can see is the bad things. We here will try and help if we can.


For me I find that working on who I am and what I do helps a lot, I try every day to use three words that I find help me feel good about who I am.


Truth, Strength and Honnor.


I try to be true to myself and others.

I try to be stong for myself and then others

I Honnor myself for trying to make the world a better place and honnor others who do the same.


I try to not do things that make me feel bad about who I am.

This can be very hard some times as others will try to get you to do such things, as they think its OK to do them. Thows I can do with out and I do, I look for others that I feel do as I do. Stand for whats right and true in the world.


There are times when this seems impossible and thats ok its the trying that counts most. Trying to do whats right means you know whats right and if you dont know what to do, thats fine as well all you have to do is ask others you think are true.


Freands come and go but the one human we spend out intier lifes with is our selfs, I find its best to get along with myself 1st and others second and liking myself for being a good pearson is a very good start I feel.


Do that and then look at your freands new and old and deside which you wont in your life and then go see them.


As for the Cops and your family when they see how you have changed to respect your self and how you respect the good ones in them then I think you will see a seed change in how others react to you.


Good luck.


Please post any thing here you need to talk about others here will help I know it.




(now spell checked I hope)

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You should not kill your self Life is worth living. I also have a learning disability in english, So if there is miss spelled words that is why. Just try to talk to them see why they stoped hagging out with you. Over the last 2 years I have lost about 6 frinds but I have got 4 new ones. I hate to say this but frinds come and go. Just keep doing what you like to do and you will get new frinds.

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hi LBG,


in my eyes, real friends are the ones who will never turn their backs on us no matter what happens. the rest are just people we've met.


if you stick around on this website long enough, you will have more friends than you know what to do with. and pay attention to what Spugly Fuglet says! his spelling isn't perfect, but he's probably the smartest guy you'll ever know.

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I posted this before (and probably will again) - I see you are 15. Life changes so much between teenage years and throughout your 20s. When you are in your 20s, you'll look back at this and think, "What was I thinking?" and laugh at the trouble you had with the cops...

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