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bad date on saturday


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wow you never know a person until your face to face with them and actually spend time with them. i went out with this chic i met at work. really smart, an emory grad, had alot going for her. i spoke with her for a few hours over the phone nad i thought i had her pretty much figured out.(dont take me the wrong way when i say that.) we meet up and i didnt feel comfortable at all around her. i grabbed her arm a few times she smiled and i even kissed her. but it was like she didnt know how to respongd. she would just smile at me. she told me she never dated in highschool over the phone. i was surprised because this girl was NOT ugly. but i found out why 30 miniutes into the date. she had no personality. apparetly she spent too much times at home in her books, sheltered and had no social life whatsoever. it was the most awekward 3 hours i ever spent with anyone. just my luck!

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She sounds like she was probably very shy. It's up to you but you may find that after a couple of dates she might start opening up to you and you never know what you might get.


I remember my best friend went on a first date and his description of it was very similar to yours. Anyway for some reason he persevered with another couple of dates and cut a long story short, they have been married for 15 years.


Anyway, all I'm saying is that some people (especially shy people) can't really be summed up in one date. If there are enough things you like about her she may be worth another date or two.

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It doesn't sound like she has a bad personality. It actually sounds like you're being a bit unrealistic in your expectations. Some people take a while to warm up to new people, afterall. Doesn't mean she has no personality, for that matter she might have been the most interesting and exciting person you'll ever meet, but you'll never know because you expected too much too soon.


Sometimes still waters run deep.....


(And of course sometimes still waters are just still waters.....)

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Signs don't mean squat. You'll run into plenty of people with whom you have a compatable sign and you won't get along with them well at all. You'll also meet people with whom you are well matched with but whom doesn't have a sign compatability. All that stuff is a load of dung. Don't limit your options to "signs", meet all of the girls you can and don't discriminate over something like this.

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