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Ok recently I have had a lot of problems with my life, I have been feeling down a lot more than happy and I have had problems with uni and my weight.


Ok firstly my weight im not exactly big but I am a little over weight say 5 pounds but it is really getting me down. I have joined a weightloss club and hopefully that will help me but I just can't get motivated to start reading through the book etc.


Secondly my uni is getting me down I have an exam in about a week and I havent even revised one bit, which means I will probably fail. Again I can't get motivated one bit.


Lastly I don't have a boyfriend and although I like somone they don't want a relationship, I just feel things aren't going my way at the moment and I can't seem to sort things out. I know that people are a lot more worse off than me but I can't seem to get motivated and get on with it......


Views? Do you think I have depression? I don't know what to do.

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Your just having a hard time. You may need to relax. My suggestion is to really spend some time to excercise, a small walk or any other activity that gets you out there. You'll be hitting two birds with one stone: First you'll be easing your stress. Secondly you'll be doing a great thing to drop your weight back down. AND maybe you while you are doing the activity like walking, running, gym or some sports you'll get some motivation to use some of your kick-start energy for studying.


If you really feel a bit edgy or bored while, studying i suggest you change and modify your study ambient: maybe getting more light, play some music in the background or just remove all the clutter from the desk and place the single file you want to study.


I can't emphesesize the benefit of excercise: It will raise your metobolic activity and you'll start to find it easier to concentrate on study after excercise.


Its all in the mind. Try to change your attitude towards your studies: try to find things in it which, interest you, also addopt a work approach towards studies, consider it as a fulltime paid job where, your pay is new knowledge not just the certificate you receive at the end.

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I couldn't say whether you are depressed medically but it definitely sounds like you lack motivation in your life which could just as easily be caused by being bored with it.


Eating right, exercising and getting a daily dose of sun are a good way of boosting your mood and making it easier to get done what you need to get done.


Also, maybe trying some new things and stretching yourself is a good way to beat boredom and helps give you a sense of achievement, which does tend to spread to other areas of your life. Work is good, but sometimes having a bit of a play is far more beneficial.


If you do think you are depressed then go see a doctor or make an appointment with a therapist as they'll be better equipt to help you deal with it.

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I'll get in here before nottogreen posts his say =P - though I do recommend looking at it, it's incredibly helpful.


Things always pick up in the long run. 5 pounds really isn't a big deal, my Imperial to Metric conversations are slapdash, but that's the equivilant of 2kg's? That's not even noticeable! =)


If you can't get motivated to do your uni course, maybe you should see if that's what you really want to do?


You don't sound depressed, more uninterested and apathetic. Things will improve, Do some deep soul searching and get a handle on what you really want.


Hope this helped =)

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no I don't think your depression, i think it's lack of motivation, like you said.


When it comes to school. it's all in your hands. You want to pass this class & achieve your goals, you are going to have to work at it. And remember you're doing it for a reason. So it's all choices now. You have the strength within you.


The weight, well it's only 5 pounds. I'm sure you are beautiful with it. I'm sure you can hardly even notice it (:

But if you want to lose it that your making the right steps. Keep it up. And working out is excellent for the mind & body.

Best of luck &


I'm sorry this man doesn't want a relationship right now.On the bright side it might be for the best right now, it gives you more time to focus on your school & yourself . timing is everything when it comes to a relationship. trust that at the right time the right man will come.

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The problems in your life are purely related to your attitude.


You think you are really over weight when it is only a little bit over weight.

You haven't got motivated enough to revise so you have less confidence that you can pass.


It is all negative things in your mind. You have a negative attitude and this negative attitude makes you see the world as if it is a harsh, cruel world that hates you.


Start thinking positive thoughts. Focus on the positive in all situations. You may fail your exam but it isn't the end of the world, it will open up new options and doors. When you see the world positively then things will actually go positively for you.


I know this may sound firm and maybe even harsh, but sometimes you need to look at your true self, even if you don't like what you see.


I hope this is helpful.

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