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Left with emotional scars...

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Hi everyone, went out last night with an old friend who I hadn't seen in a long while... He started to tell me that he "loved" me and wanted to be with me. I thought to myself, how can you "love" me, you don't even know anything about me, what I've been through recently and my whole life basically. I think he was more physically attracted to me and confused love with lust... When he started to say nice things about me, I started to cry and began to get really scared. Not scared of him, but scared that I was still so hurt and full of pain.. All I could think about was my relationship with my ex who I had loved so much, but who treated me very badly and disrespected me so much (in previous threads).... I realised that I haven't moved on emotionally, I may have picked myself up, got a good job, getting a new place and car, but deep inside, the wounds are still there, and he is still a huge part of my inside... I kept thinking why didn't the ex say these things etc and just a whole lot of things were running through my mind.


It may have been because I haven't been emotionally close to any guy since my ex boyfriend, it's only been under 3 months n/c thereabouts.... but we did break up well over a year ago etc...


The friend I was out with last night said to me that I hadn't moved on since my ex, well not emotionally anyway, and I agreed. I just don't know which avenue to take now, I hope I'm not always this scared of being close again to anyone. Love kind of scares me now...


Oh no... not happy with my realisation. I thought I was doing better but deep inside where it counts, I'm emotionally frozen...


Any words of advice?

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Is prefectly normal to felt this way. Give yourself some time alone and enjoy your single life before hoping into another relationship.


There is a reason why you guys have broken up and so let it be. When the time is right, the guy you meant to be will turn up.


Good luck.

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I remember reading somewhere (maybe it was in someone's post) something that went like this: Beware those who come out of the woodworks right after your breakup...they are like vultures preying on the sick and the wounded. Now is the time when you need some rael friends in your life to help you with your healing process, not someone who can quickly fill the emotional and physical void that you currently have after your breakup.


best of luck to you!

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