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I just need some help. I'll give you guys the jist of it. I look at life as a competition, but I do not mean to. Like if I see a boy my age, or even younger and see his better traits, I get jealous. I see if the person is smarter then me, has a nice girlfriend that loves him, has more muscle, better looking, etc and I just sigh, and say to myself "you win...". Also, like today. People were making fun of me, insulting me, calling me weird, etc. Now just because these people did that, I feel like the whole world hates me and I'll never amount to anything. I could explain further if need be, but that's really it and it really gets to me...

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ever think of changing your view of life? when things get down like that, it always helped me to change myself instead of worrying about others thinking wrongly of me.


either way, worrying about other peoples thoughts can get to you, so try to build your self-esteem by working out or trying to do something productive. the more you find yourself accomplishing things, the less you'll have to worry about things you haven't done yet (such as win the competition).


your a cool person, JJ. don't worry about things you aren't in control of (like other people) and you can easily get back to a normal life.

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jazz it up man. i've been swimming as part of my workout (because of the heat. it beats the hell outta running) and it does get boring after the 5th time or so. i can't really do anything about this, but i just made my point: repition is boring. nobody likes hearing a joke a billion times in one day or even in a month.


what else do you think is fun and self-improving?

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Look at other people as much as you want. Reality is that your stuck in your body, and that's the boat that you will have to row with all your life. Genetically our make up is like 99% the same. Do yourself a favour and start living your own life to the fullest, stop looking at what you don't have in life, and start looking at the things you DO have in life. You have to row with the paddles that you have. If life is a competition as you said, then you have to focus on improving your own boat. Instead of looking at the grass that is always greener at your neighbours start improving your own grass instead.

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It's ok to look at life as a competition if you want. It's the way it is. Accept you are going to lose some of the time and keep competing. What's the worst that could happen? Also wanting to be like people you consider better than you- is how we progress in life. We emulate people. You can be jealous without being angry. They didnt just get born like that- it takes a lot of effort to be smart or good looking or strong. It's just a question of doing the graft. Everyone deserves what they have - and the harder you work the more you deserve.

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JJ I was exactly like you. I think you've basically summed up my entire highschool experience...lol.

That aspect of your personality will diminish once you leave that place. Once you develop your own identity it won't matter so much to you anymore.


Find the positive things about yourself and emphasize those...This is a total pot kettle black scenario though...I need to take my own dadgum advice.

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