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shouldnt I have a day off?

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hey, i got this my work schedule this week (posted thursday and covers sunday through saturday). i was wondering isnt there a law against having minors work 7 consecutive 8 hour shifts. i worked eight hour days wednesday,thursday, today,tomorro,sunday,monday,tuesday, and wednesday. it doesnt bother me but i thought they couldnt do more than 5 without a day off.regardless i need the money but shouldnt i atleast get overtime for that?


thank you



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I think in most places it's hours/days per week that counts. Your 8 days straddles a weekend, on each individual week you are working no more than 5 days (40 hours). Unfortunately, that may mean that it's legal. On the plus side, since you are working 8 days straight it should work out somewhere else that you get 3 or more days off in a row.

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yes thats only while schools in session., sorry so long with no response but ironically i had to get to work. also i do get 2 consecutive days off, a rarity for me. i dont think ill be getting any overtime but i still have my 40 hours so its all ok and i have my 2nd job too so i almost make enough money to get by.

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No overtime pay??? Dude, you are overworked and underpaid!!!

Talk to your employer...and find out if you will be atleast getting extra days off next week for the time you overworked? I think they are exploiting you to an extent where you need to stand up for yourself.


Its sad to see you work another job with all this overworking that doesn't get the reward it deserves.



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Well, you must really negotiate your way to get your job terms sorted. Guess it may be your first job, so your are not easy at negotiating. You have to really market yourself i.e. not sell yourself as much but, build profitable employer relations. Make sure you achieve your end but be flexible, voice your concerns in a professional manner and you should go a long way in getting yourself a better deal.

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