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please help me.. it hurts a lot

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me and my ex had been living in for 4 years, my family loves her, we did so many things. we were so inlove to each other. but there came a time she said to me that she doesnt love me anymore, she cried, she said she was confused...very confused. she said to me that she feels like im her brother anymore. i admit, i had been very possesive, she is always with me. and now, she decided to live separately, she said she need some time to think if she really needs me wen im gone. i just want to know if theres someone who knows what she meant by saying "she feels like im her brother, and because of that, she doesnt know if she really loves me or not?" she dont want to hurt me, and she doesnt want to hurt her self as well, i cried for many hours, until i decided to let her go, even though it is hard. ill just give her what she wants... time and space. and i know i just gave her her happiness. now im just hoping for the best... she also said that she will come back if her love comes back, but im still wondering if is there a chance that her love will come back? reminds me of the song "its all coming back to me now" by celine dion. right now, i am accompanying her, finding a good place to stay. i said to her last night, i will always love her... and if the time will come for her to come back, ill be waiting...



hoping for some replies... thank you people

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its tough man, my ex's family was almost mine for a time there, I did alot of things with her brother (my best friend) and her dad was almost a mentor at times. but after 4months now I can say I feel a whole lot better than I did and you will too.

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Sorry to hear you are going through this. I am going through something similar. And I know how painfull it can be. Proud of you that you were able to let go. Something I am struggling with.

Someone once told me, if you really love someone you should let go. Don't know if this helps any..

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