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  1. hi i saw the pictures and to tell you the truth it shouldnt really matter wot she looks like she could have a loving heart and to bee honest i use to be ugly and i went from ugly to beautiful .and it was horrible n hard to get ppl to like me or be friends with me when i wasnt that attractived it ppl who only like me cause my looks isnt worth it .because i have been mistreated badly in the past for looking unattractived and not a nice feeling at all scars frm pain remain on you over the years tilll you healed. the 1st time i saw her(your girlfriend) photos i thought she had beautiful eyes . you should love her for who she is not wot she looks like , its not a nice feeling to get told your not attractived . Not everyone is perfect . please have a heart and think about wot your doing n wot you could cause.
  2. I pray you'll be our eyes, and watch us where we go. And help us to be wise in times when we don't know Let this be our prayer, when we lose our way Lead us to the place, guide us with your grace To a place where we'll be safe The light you have I pray we'll find your light will be in the heart and hold it in our hearts. to remember us that When stars go out each night, you are eternal star Nella mia preghiera Let this be our prayer quanta fede c'e when shadows fill our day How much faith there's Let this be our prayer in my prayer when shadows fill our day Lead us to a place, guide us with your grace Give us faith so we'll be safe Sognamo un mondo senza piu violenza un mondo di giustizia e di speranza Ognuno dia la mano al suo vicino Simbolo di pace, di fraternita We dream a world without violence a world of justice and faith. Everyone gives the hand to his neighbours Symbol of peace, of fraternity La forza che ci da We ask that life be kind e il desiderio che and watch us from above ognuno trovi amor We hope each soul will find intorno e dentro se another soul to love The force his gives us We ask that life be kind is wish that and watch us from above everyone finds love We hope each soul will find around and inside another soul to love Let this be our prayer Let this be our prayer, just like every child Need to find a place, guide us with your grace Give us faith so we'll be safe Need to find a place, guide us with your grace Give us faith so we'll be safe E la fede che hai acceso in noi, sento che ci salvera It's the faith you light in us I feel it will save us *** i posted my thoughts thur this song of how the world is a mess and that just love could change all that*** God is love...
  3. hey im so sorry to hear about ur son that must be a very hard thing to get over , ive read ur post and i dont think you should be blaming yourself she sounds like she is messing you around and if i was your friend i wouldnt be doing that because you been thru alot and you dont deserve pain you dont need this right now you need support . feel free to contact me marianne
  4. nmdupid, as ive already sent you a email i thought i would write a post as well. i can understand how your feeling . ive been a victim twice in my life and the 2nd time it happened to me was when iwas in a realationship with my boyfriend who i went out for 6years and as soon he hit me i knew everythng was ruined.hitting anyone is no excuse and it was hard to walk away from all those year and support myself i back then didnt have any friends just radom friends that didnt know wot it was like for me n told me to get over it n stuff, so if you need support we at this site are here for you xx
  5. hi i im sorry to hear wots happened i bet u feel rejected do u hve msn or email addy ?
  6. im sorry wot has happened. drinking makes you do things when ur drunk my best advice is to be honest and tell her , my next question is why did she want to break up with you ????wot is she hiding
  7. 6 weeks is a long time , i know i wouldnt keep sum1 waiting for answer That long and you dont deserve to be in the darkness .sumthing like this is important that he should had mentioned it to you then leaving you confused and wondering unless he doesnt really care about the realationship than you do .i dont know, you be strong and wise you are a woman not a door mat sumtimes when i feel bad about doing no contact i tell the person my honest feelings about how they are hurting or making me feel of things so if you feel bad about no contacting then express how he makes you feel by waiting he may not realised or maybe he didnt think you would want to talk about it on ur birthday .
  8. hi i think sleeping with ur friends ex was wrong but i only asking you said ur friend prentend to be u on msn did she say anything under ur nick like trying to lead him on or anything , who made the 1st move before you started making out ??/
  9. i recently wrote a post on about a friend from school and how ive tried to be her friend since primary school . i didnt hear from her for a week and i tried to txt her to ask how she could just walk away from me after all those years ive supported her and she started using my problems against me and i just told her to stop being so picky because i cant stand it when friends fight they seem to use their worse problems against theirselves and i told her she knew that i wasnt fighting that iwas being honest about how she had been treating me and that this was the 1st time i had been straight out of things and she didnt bother just when i thought i moved on she turns up to church with one of my best mates i tried to stay away till i was leaving with sum other mates my mate jo and her came up jo asking me wot i had been up to i said work and she said that my school friend had came to church i just said gud for her and left then later that nite i texted my mate jo and told her that im not friends with my mate from school anymore she can help her if she wants but i dont want to be involved and im telling her to make things at ease. i dont want to tell how i feel but i do feel used i feel i got the time that i dont want to know about things she may be using my mate to get to me or i dont know im only guessing but she hasnt hurt me with her lies or txing and if she was a caring friend she would be caring and understanding then wot she txted me today have i done the right thing so far please let me know ,
  10. Dear to who is reading i have been friends with this girl since primary school and we not that close but i have always been there for her ive given her money ive supported her all the way and shes been werid around me lately i dont know if its cause we have always stay in touch thru text it wasnt till jan when my parents went away for 3 months to uk she randomly text me if she could come stay at my place till she finds a place and i respect my dad rules and told her that i couldnt let her its not my house its my dad and he will be coming back in couple weeks and she sent me a txt n said "fine just forget about me " i replied back n said no i do care but she didnt reply and the next day after church i got a txt from her tht she was txting heaps of other ppl that her ex bf had got killed in new york and when i got that i felt gutted but how was i meant to know ? i never really got told how he died i supported her i told her that im there for her when she is ready to talk and i gave her a song that helped me when my grandad died and told her how i held his hand n made a promise to him that i would survive for him and that was like in january , For the past 2 months she has been confusing me last easter she randomly sent me a txt saying guys are di*ks and then she says she has met the amazing guy and im thinking why would you want to get invovled wit guy and then shes txting me every weekend to catch up and that she needs me and then wen i am free in the weekend she cant be bothered with me she had been sending me txt msgs that im a true friend and etc and last weekend we hung out with a friend of mine and she was befriendly to my mate and treating me like i didnt exist in the room and i tried to act myself by talking to her and sayng gud bye when i left the car but when i got home i couldnt help thinking why did i derseve that and how can she treat me like that i felt hurt rejected you name it the next day she texted me Hey princess etc... i thought i would be clean to her and i said to her why are you texting me and she said because ur my friend and i became honest to her telling how she treats me and she never respond .wot i am writing this post is ive moved on because i dont know wot do anymore i dont want to be in the dark anymore she didnt reply and it was free txting and she has my landline number im not a door mat and i got hurt but im moving on please help me
  11. Anyone who gossip have nothing else to do they have no life ! mature ppl keep their comments to theirselves of things ppl who gossip have alot of growing up to do
  12. getting over breakups is hard ive been der i know its not easy i went out with my ex bf for 6 years im here if you need sum1 2 talk to feel free to email me. email removed
  13. hey there im sorry to hear wots happened . i know my story may not be there same but i know wot its like not to able to let go , my 1st bf i went out for 6years 3 years of love 3 years of abuse sexual assulted,its been 3 years since i broke up wit him that ive not had been in another realationship since then thru the healing n letting go ive learnt it takes time .i even look back and think i made it i got thru the pain i never thought i would get over him but i did dont worry you will get thru this it just takes time but you cant fight the way you feel ,talking to a couseller helps but it doesnt take the pain away only you can in time wen ur rready Control you life set your goals n dreams nothing is impossible . Feel free to contact me Marianne
  14. sumtimes we think of we want n not think of others .he may had not wanted to be friends with u because he got hurt and i only guess but he may had got heartbroken by you and couldnt be friends with you lost trust and sees the hurt and it wouldnt be fair on his new partner .if you really want to be friends respect his wishes .
  15. Hi i read ur post Frm one of my experiences that sounds simlar to wot is happening ive learnt that it takes a long time to get to know sum1 .you have just met this guy like known him for like 5 mins start having limits on things .its not worth it crying or suffering over a guy even a decent guy wouldnt want to sleep with you straight away . there was a time i met this guy n he was so hot n i just met him n then he went overseas 2 days after i met him n he wanted me to go n see him i didnt go cause i knew that he just wanted to sleep with him and that he was only a stranger .If things are meant to be it will happen even thou i liked the guy i just moved on and let it be that meeting him gave hope that there are nice guys out there n take it as a experession
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