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Letting go...

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Heard your voice so many times before,

Yet everytime i hear it,

I cry a little more!

Broken is how you left me,

Just wishing for your touch,

Wanting you to see,

The person you hurt so very much.

Daddy you are ment to love me,

Ment to watch me grow,

Your not ment to leave me,

All alone,

Having to put up a show.

Your the course of my heartache,

Your the one who makes me run,

My soul you did take,

My heart you did break.

I want to feel you wipe away my tears,

I want you to tell me how i've grown over the years.

But i have to stop this hoping,

Gotta give up on all the moping.

Tonight i say goodbye,

Once and fall all you'll watch me die!

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