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i think i have a good question :o)

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My exes are a part of my past, so they do cross my mind from time to time....usually, I just hope they're happy and fulfilled in life now. That goes for the ones who dumped me, as well as the ones I've broken up with....it took a LONG time, but I've come to realize that just because they dumped me doesn't make them a bad person--in a way, they've given me the gift of sending me on my way to find the life I was truly meant to have.

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I'm the dumper, and I feel sadness that its over, anger at the way he treated me, hurt that I spent five years with someone who either didn't love me or doesn't understand how to show love in a good way instead of abuse. I'm the dumper, yet I cry a lot. I know its the right thing to do though. I think about him, wonder what he is doing. But its over.

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i was a dumbee. He disapeared out of my life for no reason. stopped calling me. everything. We were together for over 2 1/2 years. A few weeks after he ignoring me, my bestfriend died. And my other friend called him and she talked to him to tell him what happened and he still didnt bother to call.

So what i wonder is how damn cold can he be, what does he acually think about this whole situation. i havent yet heard from him, & i dont miss him at all. and rarely think about him. But i do think about how he could do that to me for no reason.

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Wow, I am sorry to hear this bebecole, I am glad that you dont miss him and what an idiot of a man! why do men disappear like that?


Well to the question posted about what dumpers or dumpees think...


I am a dumpee and I think about the times we hung out and the times we made out. I think about all the wild adventures, the road trips, the places we used to hang out, etc. I miss him immensenly and he haunts my dreams. I wake up after a dream in which he tells me "I love you and will be here with you always, and I forgive you I'll always will" and in the dream his lying next to me! Yeah its hard to forget the EXs even if we get married or find someone else, they will always remain on file in our mind somewhere. We might dream about them, see something that reminds us of them, or hear a song on the radio that reminds us of the good old days.


The thing about the being dumped is the feeling of abandonment which in psychology is known as one of the 10 fears we humans dread the most in life. We feel rejected and it feels so painful. In my opinion the dumpee feels the worst pain because of the feeling of rejection and because the dumper had all the power to just end it all! But I go back to psychology in that in a relationship we both have the power to end things at anytime. I just dont think I can ever dumped someone that can love me, it just depends I guess.


Yes I do wonder what the dumpers think and if they think of us and in what ways, like good memories or bad memories?

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I miss my ex very much. I miss everything about him and thinking about him often. In the most of time I feel good during NC. Even some nights I still sad and weep for he is not mine anymore but after tears I feel more strong. My day still keep going and I know I live for future,not the past.

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