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My first REAL breakup and it hurts so bad..:(


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I'm 17 years old and the boyfriend I just broke up with was my very first serious relationship. I broke up with him because we both knew that we weren't completely the best for each other...we loved each other and all, but we couldn't keep it up any longer, we went out for 8 months.


So it's been 3 days since the breakup, we havent spoken to each other at all, but EVERYTHING reminds me of him, all the music i listen to, the movies i watch, the clothes i wear...we made each other our world, and now that it's gone it hurts...to know that he's not mine...and that he's gonna move on...I've been hanging out with my friends to get my mind off of him, but i still think about him...


I guess I don't know how to cope with my feelings being it is my first time coming out of a real relationship...so here's my question...will it get better? how do i deal with it right now?


thanks all

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It will definitely get better! There might always be things that remind you of him, but they will be less and less every day. If I can give you a bit of advice though, take this time to find out what you want in life. I was in a relationship when I was young and after it ended I was so anxious to get right into another one that I didn't realize until much later that you need time alone to develop yourself, to find out what makes you tick. So, go out there and find all those things! Trust me, you'll be happier if you do.


Good luck to you!

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