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In love with my best friend

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Ok so Im really new to this online advice thing so bear with me here. In the last 6 months or so ive found that im in love with my best friend. She's always been there for me no matter what and no matter what it means she has to give up or sacrafice. Im a single dad of a four month old daughter. At the hospitol she was there when Elizabeth was born and when I went in to see the mother who handed me adoption papers cause I wouldnt marry her (she got preg on purpose cause she thought I was breaking up with her and she figured she would get to marry me if she got pregnant which is true she would have if she didnt brag around that she did it on purpose...long story) so I told her no that she was going home with me and came out to talk to my best friend lets call her Bright eyes (my nick name for her...) and told her I wanted to keep the baby but that I needed help (i didnt know ANYTHING about babies, not even how to change a diaper) and she said she would help. And she did. She even moved in for the first two months so that I could work two jobs and not have to pay for daycare. She also has been traveling with me so that I can keep ridin in rodeo's. Like I said she's always there for me. I thought I was falling in love with her about 6 months ago but then after Elizabeth was born (who is partially named after my bright eyes who's middle name is elizabeth btw, also she's godmother to her) it really started to hit me. You cant imagine seeing the woman you love take care of your child especually when she doesnt have to. Ill be on the couch watching her hold or feed the baby and literally I stop breathing. I know I love her but I dont know what to do. She's my best friend what can I do? I feel bad to cause I feel like im hiding it from her and we dont hide anything from eachother. So I need help, what do I do, what do I say, do I say anything. Help????

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OK, first say nothing. You need to figure out where you stand, to begin with, and then go from there. How to figure out where you stand? Not by what she says, but by her body language. How does she look at you? Does she touch you? How? I doubt you are hiding this and bet she ahs a feeling something is up, but read up on some body language, on line probably, and let's see what her body language tells you.


If she is sending you a lot of good body language signs, then I would create an atmosphere in which you can bust a move.


If she is not or is sending mixed signals, then you need to get in to the idea of seducing this woman. Somehow, I do not think you are there. I just get a feeling, don't ask me why, that she has some of these feelings for you. If she doesn't, I think you can make it happen.


I know you are probably gushing with emotion right now, but hang onto control of it. At least for a while.


Take a look at:


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link removed

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Don't wrroy if these sites are for players. You can use their skills and not play her, because you don't want to. Do a web search for some more. Learn a little, then tell us what you see.

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Well ill be cookin food or somethin and she'll put one hand on my back and reach around me for something or she'll slide her hand accross my back when she walks by but i always thought it was just her letting me know she was there so I didnt walk into her or something. Ummm shes been teaching me to salsa dance for the last few weeks and about a week ago she started getting closer than usual. I dunno if any of this means something though.


Just looked at those articles and she does do that whole run her finger around the lip of her wine glass thing.

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Well you need to study her body language a bit more. Watch how she looks at you. Watch how she looks at other people. Watch how she touches other men with whom she is friends. Let's hope she touches you in differnet ways.


And do this, when you talk with her, listen to her, and look at her eyes when she is talking. As she is about to finish a thought, lock your eyes right onto her eyes and hold it for a moment after she is done speaking.


If her body language is good, you will need to make sure that the time is right for when you make a move.


You may need to make a series of small moves. What I might also try to do is be little aloof to her after you use eye contact when you listen.


Each woman needs to be treated the right way to make them feel how they want to feel about the man they love. You will need to think about how she wants to feel. Have you ever seen her with a man? What kind of men? Both looks and personality. Are you close? Might make moving ahead easier, but neither is necessary.


Take a look at some stuff on seduction, like:


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link removed


Again, these are all about players, but if you have some work to do on how she feels, then you may need to do it. You love her, so you are not going to play her, but the same things work. Players get women to fall for them, then they dump them. You want her to fall for you. Just keep her after she does.


I don't love anyone book on body language, but R. Don Steele wrote a decent one. He tells you to look for clusters. Her doing a few things close together in time, and he tells you to look for multiple clusters. You get those you're in.

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