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Loosing your Virginity


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sorry bout this question but last friday had sex with someone and been bleeding quite a bit since then, not much but bit worries as there was nothin yest and when we tried again today did. Is this normal or not!


thanks in advance

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It's normal to bleed after having sex for the first time because you break your hymen. I'm not sure what the normal amount is though.


But I bled quite a bit. It looked almost like I had my period for a day or two. However, since you say you have been bleeding since Friday, I would suggest you see a doctor. It might be normal, but it's something you definently want to check out.

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I don't know if you should bleed from it for a longer time though. After the first time, it's normal to have a little bleeding I think. I had none, but I did a lot of gymnastics and horsebackriding as a teen.


It's normal to hurt for the first couple of times-- I think it took my and my first boyfriend more than a week of not-too-pleasant-for-me practice to learn to have fun


Get a doctor if the bleeding does not stop within two days. Are you sure you're not having your period? Starting to have sex can influence the hormones, and maybe cause early bleeding. Is the blood clear and red like from a fresh wound or clotty and brownish like period-blood? Sorry for the graphics people!



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