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OK she is not really married!!

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she has been with her man for like 10 yaers so they consider themselves married.... but when i always talk to this girl why do she always talk about her relationship of how its not goin to work out?? she is really kinda of shy ! and I am the second guys she kissed she said SHE IS 30 ... and im 20 thats just crazy!!! ive kiss like 10 probly in my life time! help i really wanna make out with her again!!

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So she has a long term bf, and she is kissing you.


Are you happy settling for second hand scraps?


Do you think you deserve more?


What does her infidelity to her long term bf with a guy 10 years her junior tell you about her character and morals?

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Steer clear. You are being used.


Her older age and experience an interest in talking with you might be very flattering......but you are going to get involved in a big mess if this continues.


If she's not happy with her partner of 10 years, she should end the relationship. Talking to you and kissing you is not going to help matters in any way.


Shes being a cheater. Don't be dazzled by her, or mistake her behavior for anything else.




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seriously... her b/f is a loser HE DRINKS everyday and hasn't been helping her in anyway... i think he dranked so much that he is really and litteraly retarded. I think she needs a better man . i believe it is me.. I can't sleep... how am i supposed to let her go when she still pops in my head.... I know that she is really miseralble inside... but what am i suppose to do really?? I know i dont want to get in the mix but i can't help it she just popps in my head every day and i cant even think or sleep or do anything cuzz of what she did to me (kiss). she said i was like a little brother to her but then she probably said that because i didnt really expressed how i felt...cause she did asked me if i like her and i really didnt say anything then she said dont worry bout it it was nuttin.then she said i was like a little brother to her...

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her b/f is a loser HE DRINKS everyday and hasn't been helping her in anyway


This may sound harsh- but that is not your problem, it's hers. He can only treat her bad if she lets him.


You also only know one side of the story. He bf treats her bad- but she goes and kisses other guys....so she clearly doesn't have her act together either.


i cant even think or sleep or do anything cuzz of what she did to me (kiss).


If that is the case then I would suggest ending everything right now. IF you are this invovled and this attached after a kiss- the relationhsip will never be healthy for you.


I think she needs a better man . i believe it is me..


Trying to be a "hero" in her situation can be very emotionally dangerous for you.


What is your history of dating like? Have you had other girlfriends/relationships? Do you have any girls your own age in your life?



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I was the second guy she kissed.... she doesnt go around kissing otherguys but like i said she asked me how i felt bout me and her kissing i said nothing and if i had feeling for her i say nuttin then she just said dont worry bout it... I think i might just go and confess to her. Also i think it is the age problem too she is 30 im 20 .. she been with her man for 10 year and he is her one and only. she is really miserable ... IM JUST GOIN TO FOR IT~~

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Bella is right, you are only hearing one side of the story.


The guy might be a loser, but she is still with him... which makes me doubt the story, or at least her choices that she's made. Cheating doesn't exactly make her charactor savory or noble, either. So look who you are taking that judgement from.


I think you are looking past the obvious (she's cheating, still with this guy she says is so bad) and looking for what you want to see.


If you truly think you are a better man for her, maybe you should tell her that you deserve fidelity and that if she wants to be with you, she needs to make a choice to leave her bf and follow through with that and be with ONLY you.


I suspect if you asked her to make that choice, that after 10 years with him, you would not get the answer for which you are looking.

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