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is my ex black mailing me?

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Ok me and my ex split up about to months ago but we're still rly close. I was feelin rly down the other day about stuff mainly link to him and was seriously think about cutting again even tho i haven't for a while, so i told my ex how i was feelig and he said to me that if i hurt myself then he would cut himself!


The thought of this scared me so much that i didnt but it seems wrong especially as he had promised me that he would never.


It would be gd to have some opinions on this thank u

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i dont think thats blackmail. oviously he cares about you, hes just saying that to show he cares what your doing to yourself.

but i dont think your problem is your ex blackmailing you, your problem is your cutting. Its something that shouldnt be taken lightly. My honest opinion is you should put yourself first and get some help.

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Hi magikal,


Overcoming the ex is common and everyone goes through it. You want to go NC=No Contact with your ex.


You deserve a good future.


What I am most concerned about is your history of SI.


Please have a look at this thread by a 16 year old girl who learned to overcome extreme adversity: Suicidal thoughts.


Then please tell us what lead up to you doing SI the first time, what you hate, what hurt you, what you do not like about yourself and others and what made you angry.

How are you doing with your parents?


I know that it hurts but as long as you think about and work on your future, you can feel better. There will be setbacks but more and more good days.


We always will be here for you.

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I see wat everyones saying it just shocked me alot and made me question if he was prepared to actually cut himself if i did then maybe he was thinking about doing it anyway which scares me so much because i don't want him to be trapped in this circle. thank you for everyones responses x

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From what you've said, it doesn't sound like he's going to cut himself anyway, I think he's mainly concerned with wanting to stop you from cutting any more, and a threat is the best thing he came up with. I hope you try to get help with your cutting, there are people here who can offer invaluable advice. You'd agree that stopping yourself from cutting would fix the possibility of your ex cutting, and more?

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