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Ex phoned my work, wants to speak to me..

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Hi All,


After 3 years of the most painful relationship in my life, I have now had about 2 1/2 months no contact.... He phoned my work yesterday and I went completely numb. My heart started racing and I didn't know what to do... I said I couldn't speak then put him on hold, then hung up on him... I didn't want to leave him holding... it was the only thing I could think of doing at that time as I was surrounded by work colleagues... He did not phone back. He said he wanted to "speak to me". After all the pain, after all the humiliation and disrespect I have gone through, I still can't manage to speak to him. I felt another shock go through me when I heard his voice, the pain came flooding back. One of his last text messages to me said he hopes I am well and wants finality. Fine, fair enough, he doesn't have to phone me to tell me that. It is clear enough. I feel as though he is trying to make himself feel better for the way he has treated me and I am not ready to listen to him, don't know If I ever can... it hurts too much. He has done this before and I have now learnt my lesson that his word means nothing and within 2 days he is back to disrespecting me.


This is a person who kicked me out when we lived together, changed the locks, the list goes on and on... and treated me so poorly.


Thanks for reading, any advice would be great...


I am trying to start fresh, but these set backs are a real struggle for me..

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I am trying to start fresh, but these set backs are a real struggle for me..

That wasn't a setback, that was you earning the congressional medal of honour for oustanding courage in the face of the enemy! Well done! You handled that far better than most. Just keep moving, do what you have to to stay on course. Keep busy, get to the gym, what your diet, be social!

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Screw this guy. Don't ever talk to him again. If he treated you that way he deserves to stew in his own guilt if only for a little while. He made his hell so let him burn in it until you're ready to forgive. And you don't even have to forgive. Just listen to your intuition. Remember, a woman's intuition rarely fails.

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