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  1. Hey Ah yes, my american twin. Guess what? I'm in the same place. I don't really have any advice. Um. Actually occasionally I think it would be easier just to be asexual.
  2. It sure does seem funny! I do hope you are getting better, piece by piece, and building the new life that you want on your own two feet.
  3. My ex (we had been going out for nearly two years) dumped me through MSN (Instant chat). I don't generally think the person intends to be cruel, I think its a demonstration of a persons ability to deal with difficult situations. The result, nonetheless, is not pleasant. But, at the end of the day, the result is the same however the breakup occurs. The relationship is over, broken hearts.
  4. There are many reasons people break up There are many reasons people stay broken up There are many reasons people get back together There are many reasons people who get back together don't work out Anything is possible, but there really is no way to predict whether someone will "come back", and the most likely scenario is they don't. Even if someone does miss their ex, even if they love them, there still may be many things about the relationship (or other things such as who they became in the relationship) that means it won't be something they consider. When someone leaves, you wave goodbye, and prepare to live on your own. It's a fool's errand to hang around preparing or considering their return.
  5. Hey mate, sorry its 12am here and yesterday took its toll on me... busy day. Anyway just wanted to say hang in there and I think I can provide a bit of insight into things... if only I could bloody find some time! Feel free to PM if u'd like.
  6. He sent me the link to the news article, and when I saw his face in it (the first time I have seen it other than from my memory in eight months) it was like someone punched me in the face. Then I went numb. Out of the corner of my eye, I remember looking at my hand on my mouse and realizing it was actually wobbling. Not shaking, but actually wobbling in an even manor. Yet I felt "fine". Thats exactly right. And I think its a common theme among a few of us "death-row" inmates of this section of the site I'm keeping on, and things are much better. I'm building my own life. And yes, I miss him terribly sometimes. The rest of the time I just miss him. But thats okay. I can handle that
  7. Thanks One does one's best I think its a feature of many ends of relationships, but sometimes its a symptom of wider problems, other times its the problem itself. When me and my ex began to have problems with our sex, things went from bad to worse. Love was never a problem, heck, we can't even talk to each other on MSN these days (12 months later) without getting choked up. And we both have new boyfriends. What was a problem was that every time he didn't want to have sex, I would try and talk to him about it. But talking about it didn't exactly put him in the mood. In hindsight, I would have seduced him all over again. Instead of always wanting to talk about it... which destroyed the mood. A couple of times towards the end I got so horny I totally didn't hold back and practically forced myself on him... I think he actually liked it. The times our sex life died was I tried to discuss it instead of actually just doing it...
  8. I had a wonderful two year relationship with a guy who was 18 when I met him (I was 23 at the time). The age gap wasn't really such a problem, its most notable at 18 but by the time you turn 20, five years isn't a big deal.
  9. I strongly disagree... in fact... you should give me his number to me so I can *erm* straighten him out Hehe... Jokes... No he really does sound very sweet, let us know how it goes!
  10. If it was important to my other half, I would definitely get two sets of photos done. And I'd also give serious thought to wearing a suit to perhaps the reception. Actually, yeah, thats a really good idea. But it would have to be the most awesome suit... price of a car or something.
  11. I was in the military for over five years, and am still on the reserve as an officer. If I were getting married, I would definitely want to wear my SD. In fact, I'd want my entitlement to a guard of honor (swords etc). ALOT of people in the military want to wear their uniforms. Mate, I regulary wear $3000 suits on occasion and I can tell you, nothing fits better, or makes me more at home, than when I put on my SD Jacket, Mirror polished shoes, and SD cap. I hope she understands.
  12. I've battled with sex addiction since I was 20, so for five years. I've been in and out of twelve step programmes for it. I've lost several partners because of it. And I've only ever loved one person, whom I hurt terribly with not just my infidelity but my... well... madness. I had a therapist once who, when I was talking about how I could remove this whole aspect of my personality and everything it came with, asked me whether perhaps this... madness... was one of the things that made me so successful at the things I do. The things that have helped me: 1. Going to SLAA (Sex and Love Addicts Anon), or AA, or DA, meetings. 2. Having a damn good cry 3. Reading the SLAA book, which relates others "intrigue" addictions 4. Focusing on the things I am good at, and being successful in them 5. Putting myself in situations where I feel happy and content, with old friends, where I am not tempted to "perform"
  13. I always read your threads, but its always so hard for me to think of anything to say. Your posts make me think about my own feelings, and its almost like I can identify with your posts through my own experiences. It makes it very hard to think of anything specific. I think I told you my ex had contacted me the other day too, and ended up sending me the link to an article about how he had gotten a scholarship telling me that I would be "really proud" of him. It cut me to pieces. I ended up crying in the shower, which was the first time I had cried in six months.
  14. One question answers this: Do you love her?
  15. Could I have his number please? (lol) Seriously though, at the very least, he is attracted to you. Its a lot of trouble to go too. For some reason, he is holding back. Maybe he values your friendship too much to trouble it?
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