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I Think I'm A Compulsive Liar

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I naturally lie. I do it almost as though it feels right. I justify it that way. I live my lies. BUT through it all, I know I'm lying.


I caught myself one day, joking with a close friend, saying; "I'm so good at lying I almost believe it myself"


I know that sounds sick. But, that was just a joke.


Yet, at the same time it was representative of the situation i was in.


I create the perfect answers to a situation and am capable of portraying them in such a format, no hinder of disbelief from others can be displayed.


I push boundries.


I started seeing someone, telling a whitelie at the beginning which has niggled me ever since. He turned to me one day saying


"I'm usually a good judge of charachter and you seem really genuine, I hate people who lie, but I dont think you could do that"


(in which i responded)


"But what if I'm just amazingly good at it"




"Well that would put me in my place then!"


Lying has almost become a talent.





I'd like to say I DONT lie about things that would seriously affect someone, more like minor lies that can accumalate, lies that create a better surrounding so to speak.


The perfect answer.


Looking at me now, I dont like it. But I genuinely feel like this is natural. I Just speak it.

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Lying is not a good thing. It can come back to bite you in the butt.


Besides, the more you lie, the more you WILL HAVE to lie, because you have to cover up the lies you made before with even MORE lies.


Pretty soon, you are not going to know what is real and what are the lies.


Also, you are going to make your life much more complicated and stressfull from all that lying.


Trust me, I know. My ex-best friend lies constantly about his life because he wants to cover up his gayness and it causes him grief and a lot of unnecessary stress.


Besides, if you get caught in your lies, people wont believe you anymore.

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everyone lies.

i do, but i hate doing it. sometimes its a white lie to answer someones question but to keep stuff to myself at the same time, or not to worry someone.

I know it comes from my childhood, my father was rude and strict so i was always afraid to say/do something. Im trying to fight this now when im an adult. But sometimes i just have to lie cause i am not able to stand for myself which sux. I think its weakness. Cause if i was stronger i could tell the truth and protect myself then if someone doesnt like it.

Sometimes you like just not to get anymore questions, or get in trouble, or be rude.

I never cheated on my partner though and never will.

And yeah lying sucks.

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Funny how compulsive liars think they're good at it!

Since people don't call them on it, they feel clever.

They just don't realize people aren't listening anymore.


tell me about it - my ex was such a good liar but i caught on and he still thinks he can get away with it. no one believes anything he has to say now, at my former work they call him a 'story maker' and no one gives any importance to what he says. its kinda sad

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I tell little white lies that I hate. Like I lie about my age and whether or not I went to see a certain movie or something...I hate that I do it, and I am trying to stop, but sometimes it feels like an impulse! Sometimes I do it to just fit in...which is loopy. But I am training myself to make truth the priority or just not say anything that I want revealed.

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I hate that I do it, and I am trying to stop, but sometimes it feels like an impulse! Sometimes I do it to just fit in...which is loopy. But I am training myself to make truth the priority or just not say anything that I want revealed.


I know, I do this sometimes too! Like I make up lies about things in my life, I guess to make myself more interesting to people. I might say I went out somewhere & I'll make up a story about some wild adventure I had. I guess I lie about these things because I don't have anything interesting to talk about..

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I don't have that problem now persay, but I did as a kid, and it has followed me the rest of my life.


My parents (mom) were ultra-strict baptists, and I was allowed absolutly no slack. She not only expected perfect behavior, grades, etc, she also was very cruel when my life was not perfect. She did not ever let me go to a school function or a slumber party, but called me names and punished me when she thought that the friends that I did have were not up to snuff. So it began with me when she read my diary and whipped me for saying that I liked a boy she thought was below me. So I stareted another one, knowing she would read it, and in it I made my life perfect. I made up a whole other life, and would also tell her these stories to make her happy with me.


It caught up to me in high school. I started telling lies to my friends too, and they caught me in so many of them it killed my friendships. I also broke up with a fottball player for a band nerd and she jerked me out of school the day she found out and we moved away from my hometown. She told my whole family how I was a dirty liar, and ever since they treat about half the things I say as fiction.


It's not that I lie now. After that, even though it always made me less in her sight, I gave her the unvarnished, unhappy facts. I also learned I had to be exacting on what I say after I had kids, but still, you need to learn to deal in truths, or the lies you tell now will end up shadowing all the truths you tell for the rest of your life...

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You are scared.


Lying covers up (or so you think, see Dako's post) insecurities.


Gee, is your life such crap that you don't want to admit it?


The only way out is trying something different - scary, harsh honesty! Ahhhkk!


Lying is a waste of energy, and is imagination play. Nothing more.

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when i was with my ex i had to lie a lot to my family to be with him and it eventually turned into a habit (dont have that problem anymore).


my family caught us out three times...however i guess karma paid me a visit cause my ex lied alot to me aswell so in a way i deserved it. karma is a strange thing...i think he will get whats coming to him as well...scary..

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smiles* I like dako.


No im not putting you on.


And i wasnt trying to be bigheaded when i said i believe my own lies. Its simply because I prefer them to reality.


I had a whole lot of secrets so to speak that exploded yesterday so i guess this is the oppotunity to stop lying and rebuild tracks.


Like i said, they werent major things that affected those around me greatly, but they set a standard you know? ( well they did end up affected those around me, but theyre not dramatised or anything that strictly, straight away causes attention)


I lied (like i said) to someone im seeing, which ive now put into light.. what he cant understand is im so obsessed with the truth.


I know its hard to understand, but i try to create answers that makes everyone happy. So, whilst doing it i lie.


I dont lie to everyone.


Either way im aware that its wrong.


I know i have insecurities, To a degree i know when im putting a face on to cover these insecurities, thats where part of the lies begin.


I use cover ups so i dont need to tell anyone anything (its easier to say it on here, no one knows you.)


Its hard to even overcome it, like dako said, well, he didnt say, but implied ... at what point can you start believing me again?

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